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July 19, 2008

Nigerian Cure For Being Charmed

When I read in this article in The Tide that a man collapsed after being "hit with suspected charm," I visualized some silly hocus-pocus thing. I was wrong. Two men were arguing over "a plier," as men will do, when one of them brought out a "charm belt" and whacked the other one, Saheed Tijani, in the face. I'm imagining the charm belt was something about the size of the heavyweight championship belt. Saheed immediately fell into a coma.

It was gathered that in a desperate move to save the life of Saheed, an elderly man suggested that his wife should be invited to urinate into his mouth, assuring that such a measure would neutralize the effect of the charm.

True to the suggestion, The Tide on Sunday was told, when Alimat, Saheed’s wife came, her husband drank her urine, and regained consciousness while the crowd shouted for joy.

But before you rush to try this cure the next time your husband falls into a coma, you should be aware that it is not complete without nine pieces of alligator pepper, which the ill person must also swallow.

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