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May 15, 2008

Who Makes Up These Lists?

There are so many lists on the web that somebody needs to come up with a list of the lists you can't live without, or a list of the stupidest lists on the net. That's my idea, but you can go do it and make your own money.

You know what you'll find at any of those lists, if they are actually readable: you'll agree with some of the selections, disagree with a few, and maybe find one or two new things. So I thought it was unusual that in the last few days I've run across three lists that miss their mark more than expected:

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without was the first. I'm vain enough to think I know something about photography and I've got my favorite websites for that subject, so I was surprised to run down that list and see that it was almost entirely sites that I had not heard of or I consider unhelpful. Consider that he lists Flickr Blog (which I find unhelpful) and a list of Flickr plug-ins, but never lists Flickr itself. He didn't originally list Digital Photography Review, but added it later. He also fails to list Steve's Digicams which I find much more useful than Digital Photography Review (which relies a bit too heavily on corporate press releases, I think). He also doesn't list B & H Photo or any other good camera retailer. If you rely on Wal-Mart for your photography equipment your choices may be limited.

Second is 10 Items You Think Make You Cool, But Don't which could be a fun read, except he lists 9 things that nobody with more than three brain cells thinks makes them cool — talking on a cellphone?! The one point I might disagree with is on the "tricked out bicycles." Depends on your age and whether you did the tricking out yourself or just bought it.

Last is this list of 6 gas-saving myths. Would be informative if anyone actually believed any of those myths. Oh, yeah, there could be some old gray heads out there who rent a car once a year who might believe one or two of these, but I think any driver has already worked past them.

There you have it, my list of lists to avoid.

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So, is this a list of your most favorite lists sites or a list of your least favorite lists site?

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