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May 17, 2008

Not Gay Blog

Someone has started up a blog on the Desert Sun site and called it Everything NOT Gay About The Desert. Subtitle: Sick of the Gay Agenda being forced on you? Not here.

So far he's got two entries and talks about gay people in both. In his first entry he says it is "not intended as a Hate Blog against Gays." But he also says it's "a place where we dont have to have all the Gay agenda's and opinions forced on us." Anybody who seriously believes there's a "gay agenda" is reasoning about as well as someone who believes there's a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

I'm sure it's only coincidental that for his icon the blogger has chosen a photo of a sign carried by someone with the Westboro Baptist Church. It says "1 Man 1 Woman 4 Life" with some smaller text I can't make out, possibly references to scripture.

In his second entry he says he has deleted and will continue to delete any comments from gay people. He doesn't say how he knows which commenters are gay, but I think we all know the best way to know who's gay. He goes on again to say it's not an anti-gay blog. He even says he's writing his first real entry. It's not a good sign when a blogger blogs to say he's writing his blog. Too meta for most people.

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It's been five days and he's still crafting his first real non-gay entry. Somebody should tell him that we don't expect blog writing to be as good as Tolstoy's.

Posted by: Ron's Log at May 22, 2008 9:43:33 PM

Yes, but I think that's routine for every new blog. As far as I can tell, this guy is not in any violation of the Terms Of Service and guidelines.

Posted by: Ron's Log at May 18, 2008 10:37:06 AM

looks like the Desert Sun is reviewing it.

Posted by: susan m at May 18, 2008 1:44:27 AM

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