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March 11, 2008

Lucky 7 Well

Some time ago Pat told me about the "Lucky 7 Well" which was supposed to be the very hottest hot water well drilled in this area. All we knew was that it had been somewhere in the hot water area along Dillon Road, probably near Long Canyon Road (we were told), and that the temperature had ranged from 190° to 200°(F). This morning Pat phoned me to say he had found the Lucky 7, so I put on some pants and drove out to meet him. When I got there, I saw this:
Lucky 7 Well (7182)
What was your first clue, Pat?

Here's a Google view of the site.

We found an old for sale sign on the site that had a phone number on it. Pat called, got the owner, found out he was very nearby, and was willing to allow us to visit him to find out more about the well. The current owner bought the site in the early 1970s. He showed us carbon copies of the original well driller's report from 1950. It was drilled by Bill Tarbutton, who had worked with L.W. Coffee to drill some of the original wells around Desert Hot Springs. He had drilled as deep as 330 feet and left almost 200 feet of pipe in the well. The water came up at 200°(F), making it certainly the hottest in the southwest. Maybe somewhere there's a water well that comes up hotter. After celebrating the discovery and hardboiling some eggs, the well was capped and has not been opened since.

Extremely hot water is difficult to work with. Regular pumps won't tolerate that temperature for long. If you were to spend the money required to properly handle such hot water, it might occur to you that it would be cheaper to take water from a cooler well (there are many hot water wells nearby that come up at much lower temperatures) and pay the gas bill to heat it up to 200°. But maybe I'm wrong and here's your chance to go buy that well and show the world what you can do with hot water.

All the photos can be seen here. These are some of them:
Lucky 7 Well (7176)

Lucky 7 Well (7185)

Lucky 7 Well (7177)

Lucky 7 Well (7180)

Lucky 7 Well (7181)

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My Mother Lorna Lazovsky has owned the land for the past 50 years or so.

Posted by: Michael L Lazovsky at May 26, 2020 9:43:15 AM

William Tarbutton was my grandfather, married to my grandmother, Bessie Canon. He water witched, and drilled many of the wells in Desert Hot Springs, and built a batwing house for the two of them. There were stories of the Lucky Seven, and of Daddy Bill cooking his lunch on a hot plate he had devised. My older sister and our cousin, Susie, grew up there and the well was later dubbed "The Susie".

Posted by: Bonnie Brewer at Oct 9, 2014 11:29:00 AM

So how much would it take to purchase this hot water well?
Open up a Bathhoust?

Posted by: Scott C at Mar 12, 2008 8:27:30 PM

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