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September 27, 2007

Mac Users Can Suck At Microsoft's Teat For $400

Or, $150 for the "Home and Student Edition." That'll be the price for the long overdue Mac Office 2008.

I've been using NeoOffice recently. Works nicely, but it did seem to choke on a recent Word document I got. I don't know what version of Word it was created in, but like almost all the Word documents I get, it could have been a simple text document. Before that I was using OpenOffice which totally sucks, probably because it runs on (via?) X11, which allows Unix apps to run in OS X. I also used to use GimpShop, a Photoshop clone that also runs on X11 and it sucked HUGEly.

But, if your employer is enslaved to the latest version of Office and you are enslaved to your employer, happy days will soon be here.

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