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August 14, 2007

Desert Hot Springs Update

Yes, indeed, it is correct that John Hensley resigned after less than three days as interim city manager. Let's just hope he doesn't get severance pay.

Somewhere in all the brouhaha the DHS city council has moved to oppose the suit from the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District against the city. The city has filed a demurrer and an anti-SLAPP motion.

The brief special city council meeting that was open to the public was exciting and heavily one-sided. All three TV stations were there, including one overly chatty reporter who decided to do her presentation live from the council chambers just as the mayor was making his opening remarks. I think it was 15 members of the public who got up to make comments. Thirteen were clearly anti-city council/pro Ann Marie Gallant. One was pro city council. And then there was one that was difficult to decipher, but I think the speaker was in favor of doing the right thing. Even Dot Reed, who is more forgiving than Mother Theresa, got up to lambast the council and say she was glad she was no longer one of them.

Desert Local News report on the meeting is here.

It was on Time Warner cable, so if you are in DHS and have cable, you should be able to catch a rerun on Wednesday, but I've no idea when it would be on.

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