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April 13, 2007

Green Path

Here's a rather amazing story in the L.A. Times that the Desert Sun hasn't picked up yet. Additonal transmission lines are required to bring "green" power (i.e., not produced from coal, but by geothermal, solar and nuclear sources) to Los Angeles. Los Angeles' DWP has tentatively planned new transmission lines from near Desert Hot Springs to go north through Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, Pioneertown, across the Pipes Canyon Preserve and to clip off a bit of the San Bernardino National Forest before eventually hooking up to existing lines in Hesperia. I scoff at their inability to include the Mission Springs Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park in their swath.

DWP officials said they decided on a "preferred alternative" in December after studying possible routes for more than a year. They said the route they chose would be the least intrusive to existing homes, tribal lands, national parks and wilderness areas.

Environmentalists scoffed at that claim. "We were just shocked," preservationist David Myers said of his reaction after looking at a map of the route.

Myers is head of The Wildlands Conservancy, a nonprofit group that has spent $50 million assembling private wildlife corridors and preserves close to Joshua Tree National Park, the San Bernardino National Forest and elsewhere, including Pipes Canyon.

Myers accused city officials of secretly planning the route, saying that conservationists learned about it two weeks ago from a staff member of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Nahai said there was no attempt at secrecy but acknowledged that Myers had a point.

The day after that article appeared, the L.A. Times editorialized in favor of more transmission lines, but with additional study.

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