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February 1, 2007

I Guess We Should Have Seen This Coming

Remember the story of the public school teacher in New Jersey who taught religion in the classroom until he was nailed by a student who taperecorded the class? The school district has now banned audio and video recording a class without the instructor's consent. Meanwhile, "The [school] board is in the process of identifying a consultant to conduct the teacher training sessions [to ensure that all teachers in the district understand the legal boundaries restricting educators from expressing their personal religious beliefs in the classroom.]" The rights of the teacher are being thoroughly protected.

"'After building bunkers in the desert for Y2K, we're not even talking about this, and it's happening in less than two months,' said Matthew Kozak, an information technology specialist at Rutgers University." No need to stain your underwear, the issue that some people are trying to work up to panic level is that daylight time will start on March 11 this year (and henceforth, on similarly situated Sundays for all eternity, or until Congress deems otherwise). I'm guessing OS X has automagically taken care of this in its godlike way, because when I try to post a reminder in iCal at 2:00 AM on March 11, it won't take. Not even an error message. But that makes sense for me being so silly to try to schedule an event at a nonexistent time.

My auto-resetting clocks are all cheap ones, so there's no way to update their software, but the last time I dropped $9.99 on a clock-radio they were nice enough to include a note pointing out that come March 11 I would have to use my fingers the old fashioned way to set the time on the clock. I seem to recall how to do that from my primitive childhood (recall when you had to remember to set your alarm clock to "ON" every night because clocks were just 12-hour things?) So, hot-ass panic is not setting at this household. Those who are panicking are invited to leave comments.

The woman who spent 21 days in jail for carrying flour-filled condoms has settled for $180,000. "Authorities" said tests showed her flour contained drugs, which it did not. I think she settled too modestly. $180,000 is less than $10,000 per day of jail time.

This one is particularly hilarious, I think. If you've got that new Vista thing installed and you've got voice recognition turned on and you play an MP3 that says something like "FORMAT DRIVE C YES YES YES!" it will actually do it! That may be a faulty example, because they probably don't call it "C" any more, but you get the idea. Microsoft's defense of this security hole is something on the order of "Oh, come on, how could that ever happen?!" Lemme tell you, Mr. I Have No Imagination Microsoft: somebody sends you an MP3 of the newest, hottest tune and you naturally play it good and loud, and while you're dancing around the room or pouring a drink or lighting a smoke the music stops and voice commands start issuing forth. Okay, maybe it's more likely to be successful if it's music you play to keep your pets happy while you're away from home. The current secure workaround is to keep your microphone turned off while your speakers are on. Or, this other too obvious secure workaround.

UPDATE: This may be an official response from Microsoft.

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Re: DST 2007

The context of the quote was *not* panic, but a comparison of how overblown Y2K was and how understated this DST issue had been (until recently). A happy medium of awareness would be nice...

Some solutions are a bit complicated for those that are less technically-inclined (go ahead, Google the issue), while some vendors have yet to release any fix. In that vein, see the work in progress here:

For a quick overview of this issue:

Posted by: MK at Feb 8, 2007 2:41:27 PM

Re: Daylight Savings

If you are running OS X 10.4.6 or higher, DST changes correctly.
Updates for 10.4 are free, with lots of security updates, so there's no reason
to not to upgrade.

If you are stuck in 10.3 land or lower, there's a non-Apple patch that has been getting good reviews.


Posted by: b at Feb 2, 2007 3:15:48 PM

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