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November 30, 2006

Not In Pahrump

The Mexican Consulate in San Bernardino "assisted" in a book give-away at Hoover Elementary in Indio yesterday. Every student received a complete set of Spanish textbooks including literature, math, history and geography. In some backwaters, education of this sort would rile some of the dinosaurs.

Hoover Elementary info here.

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Disaster Looms!

Horrifying weather predictions have forced local emergency forces to pull out all the stops to prevent deaths: In response to the weather service's warning, the state warned of the health risks and potential property damage and asked people to check on those with special needs or who live alone. Yes, hold onto your sweaters, temperatures may touch the freezing mark today. To educate the public, The Desert Sun has reprinted this graphic to remind valley residents of the freezing point of water:

Tomorrow I'm sure there will be a front page story along the lines of "ICE: Not Just In Your Cocktails."

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Who knew that Michael Dukakis had become a [part time] Los Angeleno? Certainly not me. He's over there leading the righteous campaign against illegal "apron" parking in a neighborhood west of the UCLA campus.

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Bonfires are not very popular in this part of the country, for rather obvious reasons, but on December 28 the Cathedral City fire department will host a bonfire at 6:30 PM in the vacant field east of the Mary Pickford theater. Christmas trees may be donated from December 26 through 28. I guess this bonfire is mostly for entertainment — if I'm wrong let me know. If it's an attempt to get rid of dangerously dry Christmas trees, they're doing it too soon. Who takes down their Christmas tree so soon after Christmas?

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Sacramento Photos

A few more photos from around Sacramento:

Old Sacramento (4531)Identify This Tree, Please (4521)Chilean Wine Palm (4514)RR Museum (4629)
Sacramento Missionary (4613)Rose (4619)War Memorial (4516)Western Red Cedar (4523)

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November 29, 2006

Joshua Tree Photos

Joshua Tree Roots (3247)Joshua Tree Clouds (3310)Southern Joshua Tree National Park (1285)
Joshua Tree (4707)Joshua Tree (4706)Joshua Tree (1287)

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University Of Nebraska Fighting Global Warming

In order to dissuade potential thieves who would cut evergreen trees on campus for use as Christmas trees, the University of Nebraska has sprayed all of them with a mixture of glycerin and fox urine. They've been doing it for 12 years now, but one tree was stolen in the last 4 years.

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Possible Scientific Confirmation

A survey of psychiatric outpatients in Connecticut showed that greater psychosis and less knowledge of current issues are linked with being a supporter of G.W. Bush.

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November 28, 2006

San Francisco Photos

San Francisco (3323)SFO (3315)SFO (3318)SFO (3317)SFO (3314)SFO (3316)
Wet Paint (3326)Muni (3321)Golden Gate Family (3997)Golden Gate Bridge (4212)Coit Tower (5061)Coit Tower (5053)

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Would you guess that there are nations without a military? Wikipedia says there are. Costa Rica? Haiti? Panama?!?! Even Iceland?

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Highlighters On Receipts

David Pelfrey has a real thing about retail employees asking to see his receipt before he is allowed to exit a store. Myself, I make it a practice to ignore any security alarms when I exit a store, and I've never been chased or questioned. But I'm willing to stand in line exiting Costco to get my highlight mark.

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Naked Rugby Guys

You may recall the Dieux du Stade calendar. Last year all the naked rugby players were also said to be Italian firefighters. This year, I don't know what they do for a living, and I don't wonder much. NSFW photos here and here and here (very overshaven) and here and finally here.

UPDATE: To actually buy the Dieux du Stade calendar, you'll want to go here with €28 in your hot little pocket.

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Fringe-Toed Lizard Fees Quadruple

Real estate developers in the Coachella Valley pay a fee which goes into a fund to protect the habitat of the fringe-toed lizard. The result of a recent study indicates that fee should rise from $600 to $2,371 per acre developed. The increase is to cover the cost of buying land in Thousand Palms and near Desert Hot Springs. The land would be added to the Coachella Valley Preserve.

The place where the lizard lives is already in the preserve, but more land is needed because the fringe-toed lizard needs the loose windblown sand of the dunes to live. Therefore, the upwind areas from which the loose sand blows also needs to be protected, along with certain waterways that carry sand down from the mountains into the valley.

Naturally, the real estate developers are opposed to this, seeing it as their right to obliterate all living objects in their noble quest to provide "basic housing" to the working classes. Apparently "basic housing" is not something like a modest apartment building with a bit of landscaping and a place to park your car. No, it's 2-car garages, nothing less than 3 bedrooms, cover it with stucco, put on a tile roof, drop in a swimming pool (with appropriate jacuzzis, etc.) and put it all alongside a golf course.

Peter Solomon, a real estate developer, gives us this deliciously ambiguous sentence: "I don't think that one species should be at the expense of another, and that includes the human species."

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November 27, 2006

Richter - Kodachrome

Go here to download a video for Max Richter's "Song." Mostly Super-8 black & white, until about 3:00 when it goes over to the never-to-be-manufactured-again Kodachrome 40. About 26 Mb Quicktime.

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Obvoiously, winter is almost here. Today, when I got home, I had to put on a t-shirt while watering the plants around the yard.

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Jaw Drop With A Gasp

Mr. Bernie Hobaugh suggests that the congestion on I-10 be relieved by building another parallel freeway from Route 62 to Coachella along the route followed by Dillon Road now!! Holy Kee-rist. Last bit of un-urbanized desert close to town and he wants to pave it.

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Been Blogged

I've been picked up in this blog that uses a very northern European language. I like to think they are praising my photography.

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November 26, 2006

World's Biggest Joint

Brett Stone is going to roll a joint with 112 grams of marijuana, breaking the old record of 100 grams. The whole deal will remain legal by keeping it within a medical marijuana collective.

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10 Minute Email

If you've ever needed a disposable e-mail address to register with some website, you might want to try 10 Minute Mail. Create an e-mail address and use it, but it expires in only ten minutes.

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You Can Fix Traffic Jams

William Beaty thinks that individual drivers can break up traffic jams on freeways by changing the way they drive.

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