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February 26, 2006

Two Tanks

Yeserday I went on the GOPS hike in the Two Tanks area of Joshua Tree National Park. This is surely one of the less popular areas of the park. There is no spectacular visual attraction right by the roadside. Nonetheless, we discovered the area to be as chockablock with beauty and history and amazing geology as the best parts of the park. After the group hike, went on over to the Ryan campground area. I've put all the photos from yesterday in one set on Flickr, to make it easier for you to view them. Here are a few highlights:

Rock Art (0959)Joshua Tree N.P. FaucetTwo Tanks Area, Mushroom Rock (0909)Two Tanks Area, Phallus (0930)Two Tanks Area, Pictograph (0899)
Two Tanks Area, BuckwheatTwo Tanks Area, Triple DikeTwo Tanks Area,  Bladderpod (1)Two Tanks Area, MontyTwo Tanks Area, Quartz (0871)

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