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November 30, 2004

San Francisco

Photos of ages various; film, digital, slides.

We Also Rent
Graffiti in San Francisco.
Asian Art Figure
In the San Francisco Asian Art museum.
Marin Sunset
Sunset in the Marin headlands.
Bay Bridge
San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge
Yet more Bay Bridge.
F Line
The "F" Line in San Francisco, interior shot.
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge - it never stops.
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge again.
North View From Coit Tower
Looking north from Coit Tower.
The San Francisco Cannabis Club.
A small bit of San Francisco graffiti.
Telegraph Hill
Telegraph Hill, which is what you call a wide shot of the Coit Tower.
Leavenworth Street
Leavenworth Street, steeper than Sanchez, for sure.
Reservoir on SF Peninsula
Dusk at that great big ol' reservoir on the SF peninsula, the one astride the San Andreas fault.
San Francisco Apartments
San Francisco apartments.

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Oh, the thermometer says it's 76° in the backyard. But that's in direct sunshine flat against a wall. It's actually pretty chilly out there, but not nearly so bad as wandering around the night of the full moon in my kilt when it must have been 45° out. I would have been warmer naked, because some kind soul would have taken me in.

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Windmill Panoramas

Some windmills in Coachella Valley, with Desert Hot Springs in the distant background.

Windmills at Altamont.

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November 28, 2004

Ken Jennings' Final Show

The final appearance of Ken Jennings on Jeopardy may be coming this Tuesday, the 30th.

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18th Street Bus Stop

18th Street Bus Stop
In San Francisco

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November 24, 2004


Here's a photo Evert snapped of me while having breakfast at Sidewinders in DHS when he was visiting.

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November 23, 2004


Downtown Houston In downtown Houston.Houston Office Building In suburban Houston.New Building In Boston
Manhattan A view south from the Empire State Building. NY Times Building NY Times BuildingNY Times Building Again, but with a different color balance.

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Deer/Hunter Season

I guess some deer hunters DO need semi-automatic weapons...to get rid of other hunters!

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One Last (maybe!) Snow Photo

Mt San Jacinto Post Storm
The view from my bedroom window this morning.
The clouds are all cleared and both Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Gorgonio are on full display. Most of the snow has melted from the nearby Little San Bernardinos.

Some meteorologists are predicting an unusually wet, cool winter for us. Now I'm having second thoughts about planting tomatoes for the winter.

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Water Consumption

Naturally, when you move into a new place, one of the things you wait to find out is what your real expense for utilities will be. So far, they've been coming in delightfully low...but the water bill was the big unknown, and was the last to arrive since they bill on a two-month basis. The most recent bill for the previous owner was about $200 (that's water and sewer). Mine arrived yesterday and it was only about $55 for 6 weeks. Very nice.

My meter advanced by "25." There's no indication of what the units are, but I think we can be sure those aren't gallons, nor jeroboam. Cubic yards? Acre-feet? Anyone know?

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November 22, 2004

Tram Snow Photos

Lower Tram Station With Snow
A stitched pano of the lower tram station viewed from slightly above.

Palm Tree In The Snow
A palm tree above the snow line at the lower tram station.
Lower Tram Station In The Snow
The lower tram station viewed from slightly downhill, looking up into Chino Canyon.
Tram Car In The Snow
A tram car arriving in the snow.

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Lloyd Wright

After my recent posting regarding the destruction of a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Michigan I did a search for Wright architecture in Coachella Valley. I have a vague recollection of a news article some time in the last couple of years about a little motel-type place designed by FLW in the Palm Springs area. My memory must be twisted, though, because I can't find anything about it now. But in the search I did come across the Lloyd Wright bell tower, which is near Tahquitz and Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs. Lloyd Wright was Frank's son. Here are photos (of the bell tower, I mean):

Lloyd Wright Bell TowerLloyd Wright Bell TowerLloyd Wright Bell Tower Detail
Lloyd Wright Bell Tower DetailLloyd Wright Bell TowerLloyd Wright Bell Tower

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That Big Cactus

Here are a couple photos of that big cactus that I neglected yesterday:
Cactus Bigboy

Cactus Bigboy Closeup

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Chino Canyon Snow
Here's a photo I took yesterday from the bottom of the tram road, looking into Chino Canyon.
The tram road seemed to be open, but there was an employee there talking to every driver. I imagine they were only letting those with snow tires or chains proceed.

I drove up to the lower tram station today (photos later) and I guessed it just right. The tram station is actually at 2600 feet and the snow starts just shortly before you get up to the station.

Mt. San Jacinto Snow (2)
Panorama of the snow on Mt. San Jacinto viewed across the windmill farm from near the Amtrak station.

Mt. San Jacinto Snow (3)
Panorama of Mt. San Jacinto viewed from the base of the tram road.

A couple of articles from the Desert Sun: They closed and evacuated Joshua Tree N.P. yesterday. I had been thinking of taking a drive up there when I thought it was mostly rain. I mean, who's seen a photo of a joshua tree in the rain? But then I saw the snow everywhere, and thought better of the plan. Other local travails, including the closing of Route 74. I can hardly believe people tried to drive up that for fun. It's deadly enough in perfect weather.

A nice thing I thought of while walking around at the tram station: no rattlesnakes.

Temps yesterday never went above 50 at my house, and I could see my breath this morning. That's a first. I've been running the furnace for a day and a half. But this afternoon the clouds have pretty well gone away, except for a persistent one over Mt. San Jacinto where the upwelling air is condensing. I can go jacketless now. I still see a few people in shorts and t-shirts.

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Check out Shadowplay's photos on Flickr. [Some artful nudity, maybe NSFW depending on how uptight things are where you work]. Really good stuff. I want somebody to explain to me why he makes me think of Norman Rockwell.

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November 21, 2004

The Cactus Plants

Time for a re-inventory and update on my various cactus and succulent plants. Several picked up some kind of rot in the last month or so that I was at Palm Springs. They got indirect sunlight most of the day and were fairly sheltered from the wind. They may have been getting too much moisture. Some died in Palm Springs. Some waited for the drying wind and sun of Desert Hot Springs to kill them. Here's how the population stands now:

The old jade
which has seemed close to death a couple of times, but keeps coming back. It looked bad when I brought it to DHS, but it's recovering nicely, showing new growth all over and developing the redness they get when exposed to LOTS of direct sunlight.
Jade closeup
I think this may be the jade that I got from Barry in the early 1980s, but my memory is fuzzy on that point.

Thin Cactus
The "thin" cactus
that I got from Michael. I don't know its real name. Was looking kind of shaky for awhile, then began to recover in DHS. But now it's in stasis, I think. Instead of developing new leaves at the growing points, it's dropping them. At the top of the longest branch the leaves are holding, but they aren't turning to face the sun, which makes me think something's broken. Some of the lower branches seem to be wind damaged, but I see these cactuses growing in DHS, so I expect it to survive. It seems also to develop the same redness as the jade plant:
Thin Cactus Close-up

Phallic Cactus
The "phallic" cactus
I got from Ken a few weeks ago (it doesn't need a better name). I think it's grown noticeably, but I don't know why. Ken was keeping it well watered in full sun, same as me. The only difference is about 500 feet of altitude. This morning I noticed it had suddenly developed these gold-brown nubs all around the plant at a mid-point. These might be the beginnings of flowers, but I don't know the plant well enough to say for sure.
Cactus Blooms?
I don't want any comments using the words "foreskin" or "smegma."
Okay, boys?

The formerly little aloe that I got from George.
This thing did fabulously in Palm Springs. And it should have since it's a native here. So I was surprised when I moved it to DHS and it quickly went from brilliant green to death-pallor brown. But it didn't die, and other aloe owners tell me theirs sometimes develop the same color in response to sun. Looking down into the heart of it I see green flesh and new growth, so I think it's all right, but I keep it under the porch roof now so it gets very little direct sun.

Oh, my, I see I forgot to get a photo of what I call "the big cactus," the one I got from Michael, which did well on my windowsill and Boston and did even better here. It's showing no signs of illness or stress, but it hasn't gotten any new growth since moving to DHS. I had to plant it in an excessively large pot just to keep it from blowing over. I'll get a photo later.

This ugly agave
I dug up from my brother Dave's yard in Tucscon in the late 1980s. Can't kill it. Eventually it's going right into the ground.

Here below are three orphaned plants left by the previous homeowners. Obviously they were sitting right out by the yard when somebody applied grass seed. I'm keeping them alive and will eventually plant them in the ground.

Orphaned Plant

Orphaned Plant

Orphaned Plants

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Big Storm

We got some big wind last night. It was the first I'd experienced since moving into Desert Hot Springs (and undoubtedly not the last). Then came the rain. When I rolled out of bed it was in the 40s and looking very much like New England...except for the oleanders and palm trees. The AIDS LifeCycle training ride? I waited until 7 o'clock to call Darrel who agreed it was no day to ride. And I'd thought he was super-motivated!

The top of Mt. San Jacinto has not been visible all day, but the snow has reached down nearly to the lower tram station, which is at about 2500 feet.
Mt San Jacinto With Heavy Snow

I went out the front door to check on Mt. San Gorgonio which is taller than Mt. San Jacinto, but from my point of view the entire mountain remains enveloped in snow-dropping clouds and is completely invisible. You cannot imagine my shock when I peeked out a little further and saw snow covering the Little San Bernardinos right there in the backyard of Desert Hot Springs! I could walk to it...if I wanted to take an arduous cold weather hike (and I don't)!
Little San Bernardinos With Snow

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November 20, 2004

Interesting Photos

Survival Of The Fittest Not The Snakiest Graffiti in San Francisco.Venice Beach Mural Mural at Venice Beach.Livestock Area Signage in Pennsylvania.Moccasins Tourist moccasins.
John Waynes' House John Waynes' childhood home in Iowa.Treasure Island Treasure Island in Las Vegas.Tin Can House The Tin Can House in Houston.Provincetown Palms Palm trees in Provincetown?

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Tamale Festival

Tamale Banner
The Tamale Festival in Indio is coming up on December 3, 4 and 5.

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November 19, 2004

Peter Berlin

Gay men of a certain age will certainly remember Peter Berlin. He's 60 years old now and has been living in San Francisco.
That's Peter on the right.

Butt Magazine has a rare personal interview with him.

How old were you when you became aware of your beauty?
The first time was probably when I was around 20 years old. When I looked in the mirror one day, suddenly I got excited by what I saw. It was such a new sensation. I was so scared. I thought, 'Nobody told me about that!' I thought it was so exciting and I'd keep it just for myself – as a secret. And I learned to really get off on myself with my mirror image. Very early on, I remember my mother bought me a suit and I took the pants apart and made them fit tighter and she was dismayed and looking at me and saying, 'You look disgusting!' That's when I realised that this is very much part of my experience – people looking at me and saying I look disgusting. For many people the way I dress is disgusting. If I would dress the way I would like to all the time, I would be put away in a nut house.

There is a documentary about him being made called That Man: Peter Berlin.

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