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August 7, 2004

Chocolate Fountain

According to the L.A. Times, the latest thing for any self-respecting upscale party is a chocolate fountain. It'll cost you $395 to rent a medium-size one for 3 hours. It's not clear if that price includes an attendant.

They had four at the Boston Globe's Democratic convention party. And if you think that might have been decadent, there were six at the party for the new Ronald Reagan aircrfaft carrier!

The fountains can also handle caramel, barbecue sauce and cheese.

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Damn if that doesn't look a lot like spam, but it's on topic, so maybe not. Upon further examination we see that the business is actually Chocolate Fountain NEBRASKA! "We are Grand Island Nebraska (NE) Exclusive Chocolate Fountain Authorized Dealer." Imagine that. I should have thought a city like Grand Island would support at least a dozen of these firms.

I wonder if they might also be Grand Island's exclusive spammer...or near-spammer...whatever.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Sep 1, 2004 11:02:19 PM

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