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July 29, 2004

Paramount Theater - Oakland

The Paramount Theater in downtown Oakland, California, is surely one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever have the opportunity to see, and I recommend you do see it. You can attend a function there, or go for a public tour, as I did. Check out their website for times. It opened in 1931 as Paramount's jewel. Being in downtown Oakland, it managed to escape the wrecking balls that destroyed so much in more prosperous cities.

I've created a folder for 68 photos of the theater's interior and exterior. I didn't use a tripod or flash, and a lot of the areas were in dim theater lighting, so I hope you'll forgive the shakiness in some of the images.

Here are thumbnail links to just 4 of the images, but please go look at them all.

paramount facadeparamount green room ceiling
paramount interiorparamount lobby

If you think you've seen all the sights of the Bay Area, but haven't seen the Paramount, then you're wrong. It's easy to get to on the BART, so go!

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Thanks for the photos. I went on a tour this weekend and was blown away! I think the paramount is one of Oakland's best kept secrets. Such beauty...I don't think any photos can fully do justice to the place.
And the guide, Ken Walters, a retired engineer, has been a docent for 25 years or so. He is a piece of living history. Without his knowledge and obvious love of the Paramount, I think a lot of its specialness would have been lost to us. He is a treasure - hope someone is recording his tours for future use - he won't be here for forever.
Thanks again.

Posted by: Janie-G at Mar 21, 2010 3:06:35 PM

WOW! Those are excellent pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with everyone.

Posted by: Stevie at Aug 7, 2004 11:03:19 AM

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