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July 31, 2004

Sheep May Safely Graze...wherever they damn well please!

Brilliant sheep in Yorkshire have figured out how to cross cattle guards to get to better food! They do it on Segways by lying down and rolling their bodies across the cattle guards!

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Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower

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July 30, 2004

Boston Panoramas

NY Times shot a few Quicktime panoramas in Boston during the DNC. The technology involved is explained here.

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks (10)
The towers atop Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

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July 29, 2004

Segway Polo

Some people have too much time and money.

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Paramount Theater - Oakland

The Paramount Theater in downtown Oakland, California, is surely one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever have the opportunity to see, and I recommend you do see it. You can attend a function there, or go for a public tour, as I did. Check out their website for times. It opened in 1931 as Paramount's jewel. Being in downtown Oakland, it managed to escape the wrecking balls that destroyed so much in more prosperous cities.

I've created a folder for 68 photos of the theater's interior and exterior. I didn't use a tripod or flash, and a lot of the areas were in dim theater lighting, so I hope you'll forgive the shakiness in some of the images.

Here are thumbnail links to just 4 of the images, but please go look at them all.

paramount facadeparamount green room ceiling
paramount interiorparamount lobby

If you think you've seen all the sights of the Bay Area, but haven't seen the Paramount, then you're wrong. It's easy to get to on the BART, so go!

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Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge (3)
The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge viewed from the Ferry Building.

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July 28, 2004


I think this is the same sort of redundancy one sees in something like ".99¢" stores.

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'nother Mac Question

I have another Mac question, and I have tried to research this. I want to know how to change the default application for ALL THE FILES of a particular type. I found out how to change the default application, but was a bit surprised that it applies only to that one, single file. Specifically, when I click on a .WMV file, I want it to open in Windows Media Player. WTF is the point of having it always start up in QuickTime, only to have QuickTime tell me it can't play it. Now, I know I can ctrl-click it and then select WMP, but I sorta think the computer ought to do that tedious sort of work for me.

I'd also like to get jpegs and other graphic images to open in anything other than that worthless thing called Preview.

I'm very sure it must be very simple to accomplish this task, and I am just looking in the wrong place...because it is a damned easy thing to do in Windows.

Thank you for any suggestions you make.

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Excuse me? Did Al Sharpton just say the American revolution was 282 years ago? Somebody point me to the transcript.

I'm finding the Democratic convention quite entertaining. I mean, it beats most of what's on TV. I got to listen to Bill Clinton's speech uninterrupted as it was on the NPR feed on Sirius. I was passing through Lucerne Valley when Hillary introduced him, and he wrapped it up as I passed through Yucca Valley. What a great, fun speech!

Don't get me wrong...I'm still a libertarian, but it's fun to see a big room full of people eager to gut George Bush!

My heavens, Mr. Sharpton is referring to gay issues. I thought that subject was banned from the podium.

Whadda ya think? At the Republican convention will there be genuine discussion of tolerance and growth and celebration of liberty? Or will it be yet another coded message of hate? The code being that "family" means gay people can drop dead, and "patriot" means when Bush says jump, I ask how high, and "opportunity" means not YOUR opportunity.

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July 27, 2004


Dore Alley (0710)
David Z. at the Dore Alley fair.
I've got a lot more photos of Dore Alley, as well as my 50th birthday party. Gimme some time to get them edited and posted.

[Update: you can find info about my Dore Alley Photos in my August 1 posting.]

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July 24, 2004

Convention Bloggers

Here's a community site for all the Democratic convention webloggers. Knock yourself out.

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Armstrong to Enter Paris in Yellow

Armstrong won today's time trial stage and retains his Yellow jersey with a lead of 6:38 over the new second place rider, Andréas Klöden. Basso is in third place by 6:59 and Ullrich has slipped to fourth at 9:09.

Here is the story of how Johan Bruyneel coached Armstrong's strategy to win 5 Tours de France.

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Jeopardy Continues

Ken Jennings now has won $1,321,660 on Jeopardy after 38 wins. He has also set a new one-day record of $75,000.

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July 23, 2004

Kennedy Studios

kennedy studios

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Whole Foods

Long, good article all about John Mackey, Whole Foods Market, and the growth of the organic food market.

Ten years ago, Mackey was worried about a lot of things with what then seemed like a big ($402 million in sales, 35 stores) company. What worried him most was that someone much bigger would catch on to the potential of natural food, and simply wallop him. "If someone had been ruthless enough, or opportunistic enough -- or, really, just smart enough -- we could've been crushed," he says. "But I don't fear that anymore. We're not that vulnerable anymore. Our culture is too strong. Our locations are too good. And we know so much more than we used to."
However, the article doesn't answer the perennial question: When will there be a Whole Foods Market in Coachella Valley?

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Air Security - Followup

You may remember my posting a few days ago about that woman who thought she saw a pattern of suspicious behavior and poor security on a flight into LAX. Here's a little less hysterical, but confirming, analysis on the story. WARNING: Carrot Top ahead!

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July 22, 2004

Lance in Yellow with 4:09

It's another stage win and another day in Yellow for Armstrong. This is the first time any rider has won 3 stages in the Alps since 1948.

Richard Virenque has secured his 7th King Of The Mountains jersey.

In other news, the body of a Tour spectator was recovered from yesterday's route. Yesterday's time trial up Alpe d'Huez was unprecedented. It was only about 15 Km, so all of the spectators (about 900,000) were jammed in on this twisting mountain route. If you watched it on TV (or if you were there!) you saw the appalling crush of fans around Basso, Ullrich and Armstrong as they rode. You may have also noticed the sharp drop offs along the way. It's rather amazing that only one spectator fell to his death. It's also pretty surprising that only one spectator (a 6-year old boy) had his leg broken by one of the Tour motorcycles, who cruised through the crowds like Chicago Police horses at the '68 riots.

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July 21, 2004


Somewhere in Indiana...or maybe Ohio.

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