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May 31, 2004

Badnarik Nominated

It will probably be a surprise to some of you to learn that the Libertarian Party held its presidential nominating convention this weekend. They nominated Michael Badnarik for President and Richard Campagna for Vice-president.

Constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik selected as Libertarian presidential candidate

ATLANTA -- In a stunning come-from-behind victory, Texas constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik has won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

Badnarik, 49, of Austin, Texas, won 423 votes -- or 54 percent -- from delegates at the Libertarian Party's national convention in Atlanta on Sunday. Coming in second was movie producer Aaron Russo, followed by longtime radio talk host Gary Nolan.

Badnarik's victory was considered a shock because he had been beaten in the polls and primaries by both Nolan and Russo. According to many undecided delegates, Badnarik's superior performance in the Saturday debates propelled him ahead of the other candidates.

In an emotional acceptance speech on the convention floor, a surprised Badnarik declared, "Never in my wildest dreams!" Then he thanked delegates for their support and made it clear that his campaign will stay focused on forcing the government to abide by the Constitution.

"The reason we can't find a relationship between the Constitution and the government is that there is none," he said. "If I can win the Libertarian nomination, there's no reason I can't win this election. We have a unique opportunity to change the world."

For the past three years Badnarik has been teaching classes on the Constitution, and his message of forcing the government to strictly abide by that document appealed to many Libertarian delegates.

According to many political analysts, the Libertarian nominee could cost President George Bush the November election by attracting votes from frustrated Republicans in key swing states such as Wisconsin, Oregon and Nevada. According to a May 21 article by David Paul Kuhn, chief political writer for CBSNews.com, many conservatives are so angry over Bush's spending increases that they may abandon the GOP in November, If that happens, the Libertarian nominee "may do for Democrats in 2004 what Nader did for Republicans in 2000" and cost Bush the election, Kuhn says.

The Libertarian presidential candidate appeared on all 50 state ballots in 1992, 1996, and 2000, and the party is working toward that goal in 2004.

Two other candidates, David Hollist of California and Jeffrey Diket of Louisiana, were eliminated in the first round of voting.

In a separate vote, delegates chose Richard Campagna as their vice presidential nominee. Campagna, 52, is an attorney in Iowa City, Iowa.

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Bike & Flag

Bike And Flag
In upstate New York, years ago.

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May 30, 2004

Don Rickles as Straight Man

TCM is running nothing but war movies this weekend and Run Silent, Run Deep is on right now. It's been ages since I saw this movie, and obviously I've forgotten it almost completely. Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster together! And Don Rickles as a young, straight man!! Well, everybody in it is young, except Clark Gable.

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White House Gays

Washington Blade article discussing whether there are any open gays in the White House other than Dick Cheney's daughter. One can conclude that since the Bush administration used to be more open to gay people, that there are probably several gay people there who are afraid to come out. That's the worst possible situation, since it's closeted gay people who can be security risks.

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Mass (not Massachusetts) Marriage?

West Hollywood plans a "mass gay wedding ceremony, symbolically uniting more than 100 people on June 1." The article doesn't make it clear if this is going to be like the San Francisco marriages, with all the legal paperwork and everything, or just another of those purely symbolic gay weddings that have been going on for years.

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An architect with some complaints about the marketability of his degree tried to sell his diploma from RPI on eBay.

Back when I was a boy, my first career goal was to become an architect. That changed in high school when I met some architects and discovered that mostly they were not like Frank Lloyd Wright, but more like Mr. Fulwright, my junior high shop teacher, except they wore jackets and ties. It was then I made the glorious decision to major in English with a double emphasis in government drudge work and french frying. It was, in hindsight, no more exciting or romantic than architecture, but I'm now retired at age 49 in Palm Springs while architect friends are still working slavishly.

I have dated countless architects and the only genuinely romantic trait they shared is that they all have toured Italy. Being the visual people they are, they all took extensive photos. And because they desire to create and preserve for the ages, they all wisely shot with Kodachrome. And because an architect's job is never quite complete, none of them had slide projectors. So how many beds have I lain in while squinting at 35 mm slides of Plaza San Marco held in front of a reading lamp? More than 3, less than 10.

If it's a photographic tour of Italy you want, date an Italian. They never use slide film (unless they are also an architect). And they will be happy to wine and dine you (or have their grandmother do it) while you look at their photos. Another benefit from dating an Italian is you can drink all the red wine and eat all the garlic you want and you will never get a complaint about your breath. Same is probably true for Greeks, but I haven't been as, uh, fortunate with that nationality.

Architects, especially former boyfriend architects [ha! like they read this!], are beseeched to comment.

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Archibald Cox Dies

Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor for Watergate who was fired by Nixon, also died yesterday! Some sort of curse on Watergate attorneys?

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Le Show

Le Show has become one of my favorite programs on the radio. On Harry Shearer's website he says it's carried on tons of stations, but not in Boston or Washington! So I never heard it before I moved here. I'd think it would be hugely popular in Boston.

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Mecca Hills

Desert Flower
In the Mecca hills a couple of months ago when the flowers were blooming.

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May 29, 2004


Well, I don't know how I missed QueerFilter which aggregates links to lots of gay weblogs.

[On second thought, I guess I had found it before...when I went to add Ron's Log to their list, it was already there, but pointed to the old location.]

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Fuck You

Eric Idle offers a healthy packet of "fuck yous" to the Republican administration in this MP3 (2.9 Mb)

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Wisconsin Tech

For your more sophisticated deer-spotting we have a one-million candlepower infrared spotlight.

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Sam Dash Dies

sam dash
Best known as chief counsel of the Senate Select Committee on Watergate.

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Telephone Guide

A Bell telephone etiquette guide from the 1940s.

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Manhattan as Stonehenge

I missed it by a day, but on May 28 and July 12 every year the setting sun aligns with the street grid of Manhattan.

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Again Moorten's

Black Cactus

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May 28, 2004

Cactus Top

Cactus Top
Seen at Moorten's.

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Blue Springs Goths

Way back on Ron's Log I pointed out a news story that Blue Springs, Missouri, had gotten a grant to "combat" Goth culture. The program is over now and $132,000 of unspent funds are being returned.

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Freedom in Louisiana

Louisiana draws back from the abyss and refuses to pass law that would have banned saggy pants.

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Romney's Hunt

Gov. Romney continues in his quest to suppress out-of-staters who seek the freedom offered in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, Provincetown has agree to abide by instructions from the Attorney General to stop marrying out-of-state gay couples, but the town will continue their legal fight agains the 1913 Klan-inspired law.

God knows why, but Ray Flynn has sued Somerville, Worcester and Provincetown to get them to stop marrying out-of-staters. Ray Flynn is the former mayor of Boston and the former ambassador to the Vatican. He was never gorgeous, but check out this recent photo. Man, the heavy tracks of alcohol abuse are all over that face. Maybe Ray Flynn is one of those guys in a heterosexual marriage whose family life is threatened by gay marriage. I sure hope he reads Ron's Log and leaves a comment explaining himself. There were those rumors of him and that member of the Swiss Guard being "special" drinking buddies in Rome.


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