July 5, 2014

The Desert Hot Springs Walmart Petitions

Rumors of petitions abound, but just try searching for them. Even knowing they are at Change.org doesn't help. A search there for "Desert Hot Springs" turns up all the names of people from DHS who signed other petitions, but not any Walmart petitions. Even Google can't find them. Fortunately another search engine (Michael Burke) told me where to find them.



I could spend a very pleasant afternoon helping both petitions by picking at their flaws, but I'll only say this:

The pro petition doesn't use the words "Desert Hot Springs" so using the most obvious search term will not help anyone find it.

The anti petition describes the large number of shoppers and the increase in traffic so magnificently, it makes it sound like one giant gold mine of economic recovery for this city. Send me to the yes petition.

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July 1, 2014

Get Your Sugar On

Jack's Wholesale Candy Warehouse has moved to new, larger digs at 777 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90021. Wholesale prices, but open to the general public. They even have free parking. If you want to shop for candy by color, they make it possible. (I want all my candy to be leopard-spotted.)

And, they've got a Facebook page.

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June 18, 2014

A Change At Apple

Has Apple ever before now introduced a cheaper, less powerful version of a computer? They have now. The newest iMac is $200 cheaper at $1,099. It's been reduced from the 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz to the 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz.

You can compare iMac models here. The hard drive is cut from 1Tb to 500GB (for $50 they'll upgrade it to 1TB).

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Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon has introduced its Fire Phone.

I've watched the videos and read down the long page of features and it sure seems to do a lot of nice stuff. If only it had some way that you could make it connect to another device at a great distance so that you could, I guess, talk or sump'n to the person who has that other device. That'd be neat, but I guess that's some crazy futuristic thing we have to wait for.

Here's the product announcement video. The contrast between the excitement level of an Amazon audience and an Apple audience is really striking.

The phone appears at the 14-minute mark.

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May 29, 2014

"Is that communism?"

That's the rhetorical question asked by TheStreet in reference to (get this!) Costco.

The Glassdoor survey of Costco wages show a pretty flat salary curve, with pay ranging from $10-$23 an hour for cashiers and just $22-24 an hour for supervisors. No position averages much more than $22 an hour, but none averages less than $11 an hour either. Even the guy who checks your receipt and the woman who sells the cheap hot dogs take home a decent wage.

Yes, every time I see that case full of big roasted chickens at only $5 each I say to myself, "This must be communism!"

The article says cashiers at Sam's Club are paid as little as $8/hour while supervisors get an average of $25/hour.

Here are a few of the Costco wage ranges listed in the Glassdoor survey:

  • Cashier: $10 to $22
  • Supervisor: $20 to $24
  • Food Court: $10 to $15
  • Pharmacy Tech: $12 to $22
  • Pharmacist: $58 to $62 (this is the highest pay at Costco)
  • Cashier Assistant: $11 to $13
  • Cart Pusher: $11 to $12
  • Hearing Aid Dispenser: $23 to %$30
  • Licensed Optician: $23 to $28
  • Meat Cutter: $22 to $24
  • Meat Wrapper: $10 to $14

North Korean Chicken
This is what a communist chicken looks like. It takes one Supreme Leader and two high-ranking military officers to kill a communist chicken.

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May 6, 2014

Handheld GoPro Stabilizer

Only $269, requires batteries, looks like it works. Effective A-B comparison video here. The price is not out of line for an inexpensive gimbal aimed at the amateur market. But, naturally, I took a poke at Amazon to see what they offered.

For $245 you can get the "Feiyu G3 Steadycam Handheld Gimbal Gopro Hero 3" which is the same thing. There is only one customer review (dated May 5, 2014) and that customer got a lemon. Maybe Feiyu is selling the ones that get a "B" grade from quality control. The customer also thinks the device was designed for a Hero3 and doesn't work as well with a Hero3+. But Feiyu seems to have nice people working for them, because they do offer a kindly remind:

"Kindly remind you: You should first amount the GOPRO to gimbal, then put on the batteries and power on. Otherwise it will cause the phenomena of gimbal disorderly shaking."

Don't be in a rush to buy. The EasyGimbal, made by some fine folks in Wyoming, is due this spring, too. They estimate the retail price will be $599. Ouchy. Let's see how fast that gets moved over to Asian manufacturing.

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April 29, 2014

Apple Breaks

Breaks with tradition, that is. For as long as I've been using a Mac, the base price for the cheapest laptop has always been $999. As technology advanced, Apple just kept improving it to hold that price. But now, now for the first time, Apple has dropped the prices of MacBook Airs by $100, across the board. The cheapest is now $899. This is despite the fact that they have upgraded the processor.

For $999 you can get the 13-inch Air. The top o' the line Air, 13-inch with 256 GB drive starts at $1,199. Naturally, you will want to double the RAM to 8 GB for $100 more. You can also get a faster chip ($150) and double the storage ($300).

They really like that 100 number at Apple, because they dropped the price in the UK by £100 which is $168.31 today. The starting price there is £749 which equals $1260.64, so no need to rush over there to try to score a bargain.

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April 14, 2014

Breaking Into Quadcopters Without Breaking The Bank

If you have felt the urge to get up there and start shooting aerial videos and you want to go with the right equipment like a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro Hero3+ Black mounted on a Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal with live FPV (like this) and have done your shopping research, you too will have found that the whole kit is more complex and expensive than you may have thought. And maybe you found that one of the best deals is this kit at B&H which includes everything - even a hardcase (but no propeller guards) - for $2,208.95. That is, by my calculations, about $100 less than what you would pay if you bought everything separately, but with the B&H deal they assemble it for you, sparing you the task of some soldering.

And then you would have thought "Do I want to send $2,200 skyward when I've never flown anything fancier than a kite or paper airplane?"

Well, lookie here. Reader 'b' sent us that link to a page describing some toy quadcopters for less than $100 that are good for practicing and crashing with no heartbreak.

Check out this video (is that Morro Bay?) shot on a Wltoys V222. The entire kit, including built-in camera (640x480) is only $67.99! Descriptive video here.

I'm still looking for one that's mostly pink or that I can spraypaint pink.

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April 2, 2014

Are You Not Getting Enough TV?

Amazon Fire TV, available now, $99.

It pleases Gary Busey.

A chart comparing the Fire TV to Roku, Apple and Chromecast prepared by Amazon, so we know it must be complete and accurate.

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March 30, 2014

A Distraction

I just found out about an entertaining little controversy that can momentarily distract you from stories about Crimea, Afghanistan or the Affordable Health Care Act.

First, there's this ad for the electric Cadillac (which is basically a Chevy wearing Cadillac duds) that seems to be targeted to the Dodge Ram truck consumer:

Then there's this Ford ad for its electric model:

BTW, French snails produce an excellent manure.

Maybe we can blame Kia for starting this.

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