December 26, 2017

Slide Restoration

On the left is the slide as it actually appears. It's about 30 years old and I don't know what kind of slide film it is, but I can say for sure it is not Kodachrome. Even though it appears to have faded to just monochrome, there is actually still color info in it and a few clicks in Photoshop, will bring those up. That's the photo on the right.

Boston City Hall Plaza (unedited)
Before Photoshop
Boston City Hall Plaza
After Photoshop

The photo depicts Boston City Hall, Faneuil Hall, the JFK Building and part of the Quincy Market as viewed from atop the Customs House Tower.

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Slides Again

Back Bay, Charles River - 1984
The Charles River and Back Bay, 1984.

Calm River - Ektachrome
Can't say what river or when, but it's Ektachrome.

Chestnut Hill Pumping Station (2)
A pumping station at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in Boston.

Kitt Peak - Kodachrome - 1988 (1)
Kitt Peak Observatory, Kodachrome, 1988.

Provincetown II Ferry - Kodachrome
Provincetown II ferry, Kodachrome, late 1980s.
Proof that being anti-social by staring down at something in your hands was not something new with the advent of smartphones.

Saguaro at dusk - Ektachrome - 1988
Dusk, Ektachrome, 1988.
When I shot this, I was going for an underexposed image, but 29 years of deterioration made it a little more underexposed than I want. I was able to restore it somewhat.

Wilting Leaves - 1984

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December 22, 2017

Some more slides for you

View from Quincy Market, Boston - 1986
Over the roof of Quincy Market & Durgin Park, Boston, in 1986.

White Flowers - Kodachrome - 1986
Probably in Hawaii.
Kodachrome, 1986.

Red Berries - Kodachrome - 1986
Kodachrome 1986.

Prometheus, Boston Prudential Center - 1986
Prometheus at the Prudential Center in Boston, 1986.

Orchids - Kodachrome - 1987
Kodachrome 1987.

New England Lake - Kodachrome - 1987
Probably Baxter State Park, Maine.
Kodachrome 1987.

Green Line, Tip O'Neill Building, Boston - Kodachrome - 2001
Tip O'Neill Building with the elevated Green Line in the foreground.
Kodachrome 2001.

Dead River, Maine - 1986 (2)
Dead River in Maine, 1986.

1957 Thunderbird on Charles Street, Boston - Kodachrome - 2001
A 1957 Thunderbird double parked on Charles Street, Beacon Hill.
Kodachrome 2001.

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December 14, 2017


Boston City Hall - 1985
Boston City Hall, 1985.

Boston Garden
Looking up Canal Street to the old Boston Garden.

Charles River - Ilford (3)
Looking upstream on the Charles River from the Harvard Bridge.
Boston University is on the left. This is from a black & white slide, and I'm pretty sure that was Ilford film.

Commonwealth Avenue, Boston - 1986
Commonwealth Avenue and Green Line east of Allston Street

DC-3, Smithsonian - 1983
A DC-3 at the Smithsonian in 1983.

Fort Point Channel, Boston - Ilford
Fort Point Channel, Boston
; Ilford black & white slide film.

Frog Pond, Boston Common
Frog Pond in the Boston Common.

George Washington, Public Garden, Ritz-Carlton, Boston - Ektachrome
Looking at the Ritz-Carlton from the Public Garden, Ektachrome.

Golden Gate Bridge - 1985 (1)
Ektachrome, 1985.

Golden Gate Bridge - Polapan - 1985 (1)
Polapan, 1985.

John Hancock Buildings
The John Hancock Buildings, Back Bay, Boston.

Reagan Cutout Figure, Boston Common - 1985
On Boston Common in 1985.

Storrow Drive, Boston - Ilford (2)
Storrow Drive seen from the BU Bridge
; Ilford black & white slide film.

Tower Records Construction, Boston
The conversion of the building at 360 Newbury Street for Tower Records.

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December 11, 2017

Need A New Title For Posting Some More Slide Photos

Flower - 1986
Photo from 1986.

Ferry - 1985
This looks like the interior of a ferry to me
, but I don't recognize it. The photo is from 1985. If you recognize it, please leave a comment and tell us.

Boston Harbor after Sunset - 1984 (1)
Boston Harbor, 1984.

Back Bay Boston - 1986
In the Back Bay, Boston, 1986.

Alcatraz View of Golden Gate - Agfachrome - 1985
Golden Gate Bridge seen from Alcatraz, 1985.

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December 10, 2017

Aged Slide

In my recent slide scanning I hadn't come across any badly aged or damaged slides until today. It's from the mid-1980s. I don't know what kind of film it is, but it sure ain't Kodachrome. I've got lots of Ektachromes and Agfachromes that show no aging, so I'm sure this isn't either of those. BTW, I have no recollection of what this building is or where it's located.

Architecture on a faded slide - 1984 (before)

After Photoshopping:
Architecture on a faded slide - 1984 (after)

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December 7, 2017

Slides, More Slides

Tanglewood Audience - Agfachrome - 1983
Tanglewood, 1983, Agfachrome.

Sears Building, Fenway, Boston - Agfachrome - 1985
Sears warehouse building in The Fenway, Boston, Agfachrome, 1985.

Nantucket Light Ship - Kodachrome
The Nantucket Light Ship, Kodachrome.

MBTA Back Bay Station Construction - 1986
Construction of the MBTA Back Bay Station in Boston, 1986.

Copley Square, Boston - Kodachrome
Copley Square, Boston, Kodachrome, showing Trinity Church and the two John Hancocks.

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December 5, 2017

Slide Scans

World Trade Center Shadows - 1985
Shadows of the World Trade Center in 1985.

Old John Hancock, Boston - 1986
The old John Hancock building in Boston.

John Hancock Tower, Boston - 1987
The (newer) John Hancock Tower in Boston.

Guitar Case - Kodachrome - 1987

MIT - Kodachrome - 1987
MIT in 1987, Kodachrome.

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November 27, 2017

Slides From The 1980s

Wrigley's, Charles Green Shaw - Art Institute of Chicago - 1987
At the Art Institute of Chicago, 1987, not Kodachrome.
Artist was Charles Green Shaw.

Yellow Flowers - Kodachrome - 1987
1987 Kodachrome.

Statue of Liberty Torch - Kodachrome - 1987
The Statue of Liberty's torch, Kodachrome, 1987.

MBTA North Station - Green Line - Kodachrome - 1987
Elevated Green Line stop at North Station, Boston, Kodachrome, 1987.

Longfellow House - Cambridge, Mass - Kodachrome - 1987
The Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kodachrome, 1987.

Flowering Tree - Ektachrome - 1987
Ektachrome, 1987.

Chicago Skyline - 1987
Chicago skyline 1987.

Cambridge Power Plant Western Ave - Kodachrome - 1987
Power plant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Western Avenue crosses the Charles River, Kodachrome, 1987.

Tanglewood - Agfachrome - 1983
Tanglewood, Lenox, Massachusetts, Agfachrome, 1983.

Paramount Theater Boston - 1986
The Paramount Theater facade on Washington Street in Boston, 1986.

Charlotte G - Kodachrome - 1988
Kodachrome, 1987, probably in Provincetown, Mass.

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November 24, 2017

Yet More Slides

This Looks Like Iowa - 1983
This looks like Iowa
, but I can't be more specific than that. Dates from 1983.

Tanglewood 1983 Agfachrome
Tanglewood 1983 on Agfachrome.
The camera the woman is using looks like an Olympus XA. I went through a couple of those.

Sailboat Hawaii Kodachrome 1986
Hawaii on Kodachrome, 1986.

Interior Agfachrome 1985
I have no idea where this is
, but if I had to guess I'd guess that it's at Alcatraz. Agfachrome, 1985.

Hawaii Ocean Sunset Kodachrome 1986
Sunset in Hawaii, Kodachrome, 1986.

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges 1985
The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, 1985.

100 Summer Street Boston Polachrome
This is another Polaroid instant slide, but this one is color, Polachrome.
The subject is in Boston.

You can see more of my slide photos by clicking this link.

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November 23, 2017

More Slides

Hunt Drugs 1985
Hunt Drugs was the best photography store in Boston when I lived there
and it still exists. They've expanded to several other locations, and it looks from here like they've dropped the drug store half of the business. It was an odd store. Probably three-quarters of the floor space was for photography while the other quarter was regular drug store stuff.

Statue Of Liberty 1985
The Statue of Liberty in 1985

Orange Flower

New England House 1984
I can't recall where this house is, or its significance.
But I can safely say it's in New England. If you can identify it, please let me know.

Helmsley-Spear Inc - Polaroid Instant Slide
This is a Polapan Polaroid instant slide
. The building is probably in New York City. A little more info about the film can be found here. Here's a video about the use of the film.

Frog Pond Boston Common 1983
Frog Pond in the Boston Common, 1983.

Christian Science Mother Church Annex (2) 1985
The Christian Science Mother Church Annex in Boston
; publishing house in the background.

Brooklyn Bridge 1985
This bridge is for sale

Boston Back Bay 1985
Boston's Back Bay in 1985 viewed from Cambridge

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November 21, 2017

Old Slides

I have a load of good slide photos from before the turn of the century that I have never shared digitally. I used to have a good slide scanner, until it stopped working years ago. I've finally acquired another scanner, and have set forth to scan some old slides. Here are a very few. Some, but not all, are Kodachrome. So far, my Ektachrome and other E6 slides are holding color well.

Kauai 1986 (3)
Kauai in 1986, this must be Waimea Canyon
, but I will accept corrections.

Washdown, Kauai, 1986
Also on Kauai in 1986
, we were up in the mountains and had been out hiking. All the dirt there is very sticky red mud and we were covered with it. So we decided it was much more sensible for all of us to hose each other down out in the yard of the mountain house, rather than waiting for each to use the only shower in the house. That's me in front, behind me left to right are Chuck, Bob & Alden. Alden has not gained weight since then.

New England, 1986
Somewhere in New England, 1986.

New England Autumn
Kodachrome, fershur.

Geese In Winter
I'm pretty sure this is Muddy River in Boston or Brookline.

Downtown Boston in Winter, 1987
A winter scene I do not miss.

Boston University - MLK Memorial
Boston University Chapel
with the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in front.

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November 18, 2017

My First 4K Video

Waokiye at Cabot's Museum is the subject for my first 4K video.

I recently acquired a ThiEYE T5e which is $170 at Amazon, but just under $100 at GearBest which is in China. I know buying direct from China is a crapshoot, but a 41% discount is pretty substantial. Reviews of this camera point out that it is genuine 4K, not interpolated from 1080p.

I have a 4K display, but my Mac Mini can't do any better than 1080p, so the only way I can see this in 4K is to connect the camera directly to my monitor and play it from there. I also don't have any software that can output a 4K video, so I can only upload them exactly as shot. Can't even trim off shaky starts or ends without lowering the resolution to 720p.

The video above is on Vimeo, who claims they don't degrade videos. I've also uploaded this video to YouTube which supports 4K, but they degrade the videos somewhat. If you think you can see the difference, here's a chance to do an A/B comparison.

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October 7, 2017

President Clinton Library

On my way to Tennessee I stopped in at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

William J. Clinton – Presidential Library and Museum (4030)

William J. Clinton – Presidential Library and Museum (1394)

William J. Clinton – Presidential Library and Museum (1389)

Clinton Presidential Park Bridge viewed from the Clinton Library (1393)

The complete set of photos is here.

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October 4, 2017

Whispering Oaks

Over the last 10 days or so, I traveled to and camped at Whispering Oaks, a clothing optional campground in Tennessee. Some photos:

My Tent (4078)
My tent
. As you can see, nothing like Burning Man.

Near FIrst Meadow (4129)
At a far corner of the property

Ford Tractor in Second Meadow (4159)

Whispering Oaks (1471)
The central area of Whispering Oaks

Babbling Brook at Whispering Oaks, Tennessee.

More photos here.

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September 21, 2017

A Few Of My Burning Man 2017 Photos

Burning Man 2017 (7182)
Dusk on Sunday, just before the Temple burn.

Action Figure Family - Atlas (7209)
Atlas, of the Action Figure Family, had this little surprise for those Burners who were sufficiently curious to open the door on his crotch.

Action Figure Family - Atlas' Chest (7201)
Inside the chest of Atlas.
Quite remarkably, there was no vandalism of the Action Figure Family, as far as I could see. Someone did steal the mini-Etch-a-Sketch, but it wasn't attached to anything and I kind of expected it to disappear.

Action Figure Family - Jacky (7206)
Jacky at the end of the week.

Action Figure Family - Jallen Arrives (7213)
Jallen arriving at the scene of the art.

Action Figure Family location tag (0381)
Our address tag, sort of.

Action Figure Family location on the Artery map (7215)
On the big master map at the Artery.

My Tricycle (1733)
My tricycle on the evening of the Temple burn.

Tree of Ténéré during disassembly (7181)
Beginning to disassemble the Tree of Ténéré.
This was one of the two brightest pieces of stationary art on the playa. (The Flower Tower was the other one.)

Placed Camps Along Four-Thirty
Map of the placed theme camps along the 4:30 axis.
Burner Buddies are in pink.

Lasers at Burning Man (2578)

Cool Bike (7150)
You can tell this is the boy's bike because the tires are pink.

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September 7, 2017

The Action Figure Family on the playa

Action Figure Family by Pat
This photo by Pat M. shows how the Action Figure Family looked after a few days on the playa of the Black Rock Desert

Action Figure Family in Rolling Stone
Andrew Jorgensen's photo of the Action Figure Family at twilight
. Here's a link to the Rolling Stone article with more pictures of other art projects at Burning Man.

The Action Figure Family crew (Palm Springs Branch)
. L to R, top row: John, Jallen; bottom row: myself, Dennis. The fifth member, Stitch, is the San Francisco branch and primarily helped with dealing with Indiegogo and other financing attempts.

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August 21, 2017

NASA Photo Of The Eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

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August 11, 2017

Los Angeles Neon Tours

Recently I went on two different bus tours offered by the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale. We toured on two Saturday nights, starting at 7:30 PM in downtown Los Angeles. The tours, while mostly about neon, become tours of architecture and history as well as drinking and dining suggestions. The buses rarely stop and stand still just where you want them to, but the surprisingly good image stabilization and fast focusing of one of my cheap Canon cameras managed to produce some good images.

Tower Theater (1024)
Tower Theater, which has been acquired by Apple to become the downtown Apple Store

The Last Book Store (1459)
Just like it says, in downtown LA

Palace (1537)

Out Of The Closet (1599)

L.A. City Hall (1485B)

KFC (1601)
Neon KFC!

KLYT Entrance (1447)
To my utter surprise, I learned this is the oldest gay bathhouse in LA!
I'd never heard of it before...nor had any of my friends who I asked. Klyt (I don't know what it stands for) opened in the 1920s on 4th Street not as a gay bathhouse, but evolved into one. How this escaped the 1980s, I can't imagine. My fear of bedbugs will keep me from exploring this one, although I'd really like to check it out.

K.G. Louie (1507)

Hotel Rosslyn (1453)

Downtown Los Angeles August 2017 (1488)
The Chinatown Chevron must have the highest prices in the state
. The price at Furnace Creek this day was only $3.069.

Downtown Los Angeles (1464)

Downtown Los Angeles (1440)

Coffee Breakfast (1615)

Chinatown (1510)

Bradbury Building (1437)
The Bradbury Building

Angels Flight (1426)
Angels Flight
, which is supposed to return to service in 2018.

2nd Street Tunnel - Los Angeles
2nd Street Tunnel video
. Click through to see the video.

US Bank Building (0899)
Still the tallest building in L.A., IMO

Eric Tour Guide (0821)
Eric, the tour guide for the first tour I went on
. The guide for the second tour was also named Eric, but looked a little different.

New Chinatown dates from the 1930s (0855)
"New Chinatown" is Chinatown
, which was moved here in the 1930s to clear way for the construction of Union Station.

Hotel Normandie (0936)

Bend (1010)
"Bendix," of course, but the bus was rolling and by the time I got the camera aimed, this is all I got

Axis on 12th (1008)

Mayan Theater (1002)
Mayan Theater

Eastern Clock (1018)

Clifton's Cafeteria (1029)

Bradbury Building New Lights (1046)
The Bradbury Building with its controversial new lighting

Main Street Garage (1051)
A parking garage at 4th & Main
. I think it's just art.

The complete sets of photos can be seen here.

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August 4, 2017

Dore Alley 2017 Photos

A few photos from this year's Dore Alley ("Up Your Alley") in San Francisco.

Dancers (1289)

Pink Man (1191)

Hug (1400)

Dore Alley was a sausage fest (1082)

Dore Alley (1114)

Dore Alley nude

Dore Alley nude seated

Many more NSFW images available here.

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