July 2, 2015

Dan Savage On Straights At Pride Parades

This is relevant, but that won't be obvious until I finish editing and uploading my Pride photos, which I promise I will have finished before I go to Burning Man.

When you go to Pride you see dykes on bikes, you see the queer christian organizations, you see the leather guys, you see the drag queens, you see the twinks shaking it on flatbed trucks blasting dance music, you see the middle-aged regular roly-poly queers, you see the gay dads and lesbian moms and their families.

What you see is a million different ways to be queer.

I think the message in Pride for straight people–and why I think straight people should go–is that there should be more than one way to be a straight person too. That there is a script written for straight people about how you're supposed to live your life and who you're supposed to be and that script is confining and stultifying and restricting and straight people to need to break out of that. I think what a lot of straight people leave with is 'Wow, there's so many ways to be queer maybe I can conceive of perhaps a different way to be straight.'

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Feel The Love

Jesus Christ
This is pretty close to the Sunday School picture of Jesus that I was accustomed to seeing in Methodist churches in the 1960s
. Now, just visualize him saying these words and notice if there is any incongruity.

I'm sure her love will make me feel all warm and fuzzy - someday - but right now I need to go spit.

If you have Facebook access here's a mean video satire.

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July 1, 2015

Pride Story

San Francisco Pride Parade 2015 (5395)

The Bay Area Reporter hands up some of the statistics on this past Sunday's Pride parade in San Francisco:
- Police estimate 2 million in attendance.
- 232 Contingents, and I had to give up before I saw the end, which is the only reason I didn't see the Google contingent, I'm sure.
- 10:30 AM to 5:33 PM.
- James Obergefell himself was in the parade.

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This Is How You Do It

Suppose you've got a government job which requires you to serve the public. You, however, have some sort of objection to dealing with what you perceive as certain classes of people. Suppose, for example, you are a diehard pacifist and you are too morally disgusted to provide your government service to military veterans. What to do? You could lobby your legislature to rewrite the laws to carve out a special little exemption for your special little belief, and to hell with those military veterans who might wonder why they get the second class treatment in order to spare the sensitivities of a government worker who is still getting full pay and benefits, courtesy of the taxpayers, including military veterans.

Or you could actually stand up honestly for your beliefs and quit your job. No problemo.

When I worked for the government I didn't get to refuse to take applications for Social Security Disability from those whose disabilities were, in some way, self-inflicted: failed suicide attempts, traffic accidents while DUI, organ failure due to substance abuse, morbid obesity, or (my personal favorite) emphysema due to tobacco smoke. During the interview I would ask the emphysemic applicant if their doctor told them to stop smoking - I never had to ask if they had been a smoker - they were all tobacco smokers. The answer was always that, yes, their doctor had told them to quit. So my follow up question was "Did you quit," and the answer was always (ALWAYS!) No. Okay, here's your check!

And did I write my Congressman (Tip O'Neill and then Joe Kennedy, I add just to be name-dropping) to ask them to carve out an exception to the law so that when someone with emphysema came into the waiting area I would be permitted to take an extra coffee break? Not hardly. Did I quit my job? Well, yeah, sorta, after becoming entitled to my pension. Not a moral decision. Just got tired of New England weather.

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To Refresh Your Memory Of Same-Sex Marriage Rights Growth

History Of Same Sex Marriage Rights In The US

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June 30, 2015

Why Did The SFGMC Cross The Street?

The answer is there is inadequate (like nearly none, I am told) backstage area at Nourse Hall because it was originally a high school auditorium, so the chorus does its dressing across the street in Davies Symphony Hall. Then, a few minutes before the performance, they cross the street. Since one is not permitted to video their performances, this is a rare opportunity to video most of the members of the chorus while they are in performance dress.

Jeff shows up at the 1:00 mark, but you'll have to pick him out on your own. That's Vicente who comes up to give me a hug at 1:40.

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Trans Parade

In most big cities pride parades are organized for communities that are within the greater community that is represented in the one big Pride parade. Leather, people of color, lesbian, and trans are some that come to mind. Last Friday, after leaving the marriage rights celebration in the Castro, I was riding an F train inbound until it encountered the Trans Pride parade at Dolores Street. There was no way to keep the parade from spilling onto the trolley tracks, so that became the end of the line. This meant I got to walk along with the parade for awhile, until I got up to the front and shot this little video.

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Marriage Rights Celebration Interpretive Dance

Or something like that. Here's a video of a dancer giving an interpretation of the Supreme Court decision on marriage rights at the celebration in the Castro this past Friday evening.

The celebration was still being set up, so there was plenty of room for this dance. You saw that the dance started right at 18th and Castro, but after being upstaged by two mere men who merely got married, the dance was moved a half block to the center of Castro Street.

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June 27, 2015

Pink Party

Pink Party (0758)
I have had a number of people come up and ask about my GoPro, saying they had never seen or heard of such a thing - and all of them have been women, like this young lady

The Flawless Boys (1374)
Look at these flawless Palm Springs boys I found at the Pink Party
. They got the shirts and matching real Converse sneakers in correct sizes! At Ross. This morning.

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Marriage Equality Celebration in the Castro

I got there early yesterday as they were setting up and I stuck around for only about the first half hour of the actual celebration. It was cold and windy and the sun was about to set. But I got some photos.
Castro Marriage Equality Celebration (0117)

Castro Marriage Equality Celebration (0147)

Castro Marriage Equality Celebration (0173)

Castro Marriage Equality Celebration (0227)

Castro Marriage Equality Celebration (0340)

Castro Marriage Equality Celebration (1298)

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