August 18, 2014

For A Sense Of Scale

Black Rock City map overlaid onto San Francisco
Someone overlaid the Black Rock City street grid onto San Francisco to compare sizes

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August 12, 2014

Sunset Strip History

L.A. Public Library map guy Glen Creason uses maps to give us a little history of the evolution of Sunset Strip.

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Atop the very tippy top of Chicago's John Hancock tower with a GoPro. Warning: depiction of tobacco smoking.

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August 10, 2014

Pueblo del Rio

Pueblo del Rio is a low income housing project in South L.A. that is an example of mid-century modern architecture. It's just outside of the City of Vernon. Richard Neutra was one of the people who contributed to its design.

Pueblo Del Rio (0224)

Palms (0222)

Pueblo Del Rio
Google map

More photos here.

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August 8, 2014

Public Art in the Arts District of L.A.

Squirrel Street Art (0320)

Street Art (0315)

Street Art (0317A)

Street Art (0313)

Street Art (0319)

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August 5, 2014


Vernon City Hall (0216)
The City Hall of Vernon

Vernon Civic Center & Residential District
The City Hall wraps around eight little bungalows on one short street. I thought that might represent the entire residential district of Vernon. As you can see the city school (PK-6 - with 300 students!) is directly across the street. But the internet tells me the population of the city is 112 (the city's website says 115), and even in Vernon you wouldn't cram that many people in 8 little houses.

Here is the City Council of Vernon. The bios say that four of the five are residents of the city, and I imagine the fifth one is as well. Let me assume that in California there is some statewide law requiring city council members to be residents of their city. But if somebody wants to tell me there are exceptions, I won't be too shocked.

This page lists the city's bodies that have public meetings. To my surprise they have both a Housing Authority and a Housing Commission. The Authority meets once annually. Probably goes like this: convene, roll call, approve agenda, approve minutes, close meeting, pick up paycheck. The Commission, OTOH, meets quarterly.

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July 24, 2014

UAV View Of Downtown L.A.

Lot of architectural detail at the tops of buildings.

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June 26, 2014

My L.A. World Naked Bike Ride Photos

This slideshow is made up almost entirely of photos shot with my GoPro mounted on the back of my helmet, so extremely little thought or skill was involved. All I had to do was keep my head from falling off. Enjoy not only the cyclists, but the changing Los Angeles streetscapes. The ride was a little over 16 miles long.

No music added. Please add your own.

Here's the website for next LA WNBR.

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June 5, 2014

Constitutional Right To Have Blighted Property

Brent Greer goes all 'Murican when Bradenton, Florida, code enforcement cites him for blight ,including visible mildew on the exterior of his home, having a live Christmas tree in his yard, children's toys in the yard and a broken window. In response Mr. Greer painted his house in an American flag theme. "It makes me extremely angry. You're coming to my property and telling me my appearance to my house, no safety issues or whatever, strictly cosmetic, doesn't meet the standard of some other elitist in this town, and I need to fix it…well that's crazy; this is America."

I'm curious about the problem with the live Christmas tree. Are you supposed to have only dead Christmas trees in your yard? Is there a rule saying lives ones must be inside the house?

I find it odd that at least twice the reporters refer to Mr. Greer as a "former military vet." He's a military vet. How does he become a former military vet? By rejoining the military?

On a totally positive note, there are no guns in this story.

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May 21, 2014

GoPro and Google Glass in Pyongyang

Not together, but separately. The Google Glass user was Kenny Zhu and I wish I could find out what his citizenship is. He seems to be based in San Francisco.

The GoPro video is by Aram Pan, a Singaporean. He was permitted to stick his GoPro on the front of his tour bus for a 22-minute drive around Pyongyang. You'll see a lot of the city's landmarks on that drive. The overall appearance is weirdly unreal, sort of like an idealized CGI city created by a city planner. No clutter, little traffic, no overhead power lines. People will mention the lack of public advertising, but they rarely point out that there are almost no signs on the roads at all. No speed limit signs. No signs about parking. I was able to identify warning signs for pedestrian crosswalks, but that was all. Vehicles do not yield to pedestrians in Pyongyang, even if the vehicle is running a red light and the cross walk is full of people walking there. I don't even see signs identifying the roads.

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