May 26, 2015

Walk Wilshire

On May 6 I participated in Walk Wilshire, which is yet another of those long distance Los Angeles walks that people do just for fun. No waiver. No t-shirt. No fee. It was to be all the way from Grand Avenue, where Wilshire begins, out to Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica. I've walked various, but not all, chunks of Wilshire before. Filled in the gaps on this walk. I went only so far as the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, which I overshot on the last Great L.A. Walk that came down Wilshire, so I made a point of visiting this time, before taking the bus back downtown. Walking the segment of Wilshire from Westwood to the Ocean is as good as any other part, I suppose, but not so interesting that I felt I should walk it a third time.

The best way (trust me) to see my photos is to watch this video, which is one photo per second, so it takes only about 36 minutes!

All the still photos are available here. Flickr has a slide show too, but the viewer has no ability to skip ahead or back in their slide show.

A few of the photos:

09.43.50 Walk On Wilshire

09.48.30 1111 Wilshire

09.52.00 Walk On Wilshire

10.03.14 Walk On Wilshire

10.08.40 MacArthur Park
The walk organizer explains the history of MacArthur Park

10.26.14 Bullocks

10.33.20 Walk On Wilshire
At Vermont

10.37.30 Walk On Wilshire
"What is that on your hat?"

11.03.26 Walk On Wilshire

11.08.28 Koreatown

11.14.12 Walk On Wilshire
Wilshire Boulevard Temple

11.19.06 Walk On Wilshire (2)
Near Western

11.43.56 Walk On Wilshire

12.03.22 Walk On Wilshire

12.04.52 Walk On Wilshire

12.09.12 Walk On Wilshire

12.17.44 Walk On Wilshire

12.57.06 Tar Pits

12.57.40 Tar Pits
At the Tar Pits

13.00.10 LACMA
Going through and under LACMA

13.02.36 LACMA
The Observation Pit
. I didn't go see who they had down in the pit.

13.04.06 Levitated Mass
"Levitated Mass."

13.11.54 Johnie's Coffee Shop Restaurant
, used as a location in Reservoir Dogs as well as several other movies and videos.

13.10.44 Johnies Coffee Shop Restaurant

13.30.56 Good Magazine
The view from the offices of "Good" magazine

13.31.36 Good Magazine

13.35.00 Good Magazine

13.38.46 Good Magazine

13.54.16 Saban Theatre

13.55.26 Walk On Wilshire
The statue on top of this is John Wayne on a horse

13.59.06 Fine Arts
Beverly Hills a hundred years old
; who knew?

14.06.04 Walk On Wilshire

14.12.50 VaporStar
A vape store

14.13.14 Walk On Wilshire

14.19.45 Walk On WIlshire

14.22.14 Walk On WIlshire

14.26.30 9441 Wilshire

14.36.40 Walk On Wilshire

14.41.34 Walk On Wilshire
Google says this building is Sony Corp.

14.42.00 Santa Monica Blvd

14.45.40 Walk On Wilshire
At the construction site of the new Waldorf Astoria

14.46.44 Walk On Wilshire

15.16.30 Walk On Wilshire

15.29.56 Don Knotts
Don Knotts

15.30.56 Truman Capote
Truman Capote

15.33.10 Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

15.35.58 Oscar Levant
Oscar Levant

15.36.36 Burt Lancaster
I forgot to check on the exact location of Burt Lancaster's grave before I left home
, but I knew I was close to it when I was standing here. I left the color in his grave marker. Next to the flowers.

15.40.30 Karl Malden
Karl Malden

15.46.56 Peter Falk
Peter Falk

15.47.46 Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney Dangerfield

15.56.56 Walk On Wilshire

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May 8, 2015

Bliss Dance Leaving Treasure Island

Bliss Dance on Treasure Island
Bliss Dance tonight
. Despite attempts to weatherize her, Bliss Dance is not dealing well with the salt air, so she will be removed from Treasure Island this month.

Photo by Jeff Ford.

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May 7, 2015

See The Temple Burn

At George Mason University, that is. A handbuilt 20-foot tall pagoda will be burned at 8:30 PM tomorrow night on Mason Pond.

Facebook for the temple.

Facebook for the burning of the temple.

I haven't read everything, but so far the lack of any clear reference to Burning Man is interesting.

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May 5, 2015

Huntington Gardens

This past weekend I paid my first visit to "The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens", AKA Huntington Gardens in San Marino.

Huntington Gardens (0263)

Huntington Gardens (0251)

Huntington Gardens (0259)
A strangely leafless bougainvillea

Huntington Gardens (0246)

Huntington Gardens - Frank Lloyd Wright (0285)
Their one bit of Frank Lloyd Wright

Huntington Gardens (5150)

Huntington Gardens (5143)
Even the walkways are impressive!

Huntington Gardens (0287)
Mt. Wilson in the background

Huntington Gardens (0267)

Huntington Gardens (5168)
A wall in the Zen garden

Huntington Gardens (5162)

Huntington Gardens (5198)

Huntington Gardens (5200)

Huntington Gardens (5192)

Huntington Gardens (5203)
This is what my shade structure at Burning Man is going to look like this year

Zenobia In Chains by Harriet Hosmer (0280)
Zenobia In Chains by Harriet Hosmer

The Bomb Thrower by Maurice Sterne (0283)
The Bomb Thrower by Maurice Sterne

Huntington Gardens Cactus Flower (0240)

Pavilion For Washing Away Thoughts (5180)
The ceiling of the "Pavilion For Washing Away Thoughts."
I'm sure there must be a corresponding brainwashing pavilion somewhere else. Maybe in the North Korean gardens.

The complete set of photos is here.

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May 4, 2015

Watts Towers

Built over the period of 1921 to 1954 by Italian immigrant Simon Rodia. In 1959...

The Committee [for Simon Rodia's Towers in Watts] negotiated with the city to allow for an engineering test to establish the safety of the structures and avoid demolition of the structures.

The test took place on October 10, 1959. For the test, steel cable was attached to each Tower and a crane was used to exert lateral force all connected to a 'load-force' meter. The crane was unable to topple or even shift the Towers with the forces applied, and the test was concluded when the crane experienced mechanical failure. Bud Goldstone and Edward Farrell were the engineer and architect leading the team. The stress test registered 10,000 lbs. The Towers are anchored less than 2 feet (0.61 m) in the ground, and have been highlighted in Architectural textbooks, and have changed the way some structures are designed for stability and endurance.

Watts Towers - the tour commences (5062)
The tour commences
. $7, IIRC.

Watts Towers (0180)

Watts Towers (0182)

Watts Towers (0199)

Watts Towers (0207)

Watts Towers (0229)
They're down a dead end residential street that has parking only on one side
(despite what you may see here). You drive to the end of 107th Street, turn around, and parallel park. There is a small parking lot if you proceed north of 107th on Graham.

Watts Towers (5065A)

Watts Towers (5075)

Watts Towers (5087)

Watts Towers (5096)
The wedding cake

Watts Towers (5105)

Watts Towers (5118)

Watts Towers (5122)

Watts Towers (5128)
The view from the "back" side (northeasterly)

Watts Towers Arts Center (0219)

Watts Towers Arts Center (5058)

Watts Towers Arts Center (5136)

Click here for the complete set of photos.

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April 12, 2015

Low Desert Rock Supply

Last week the Community and Cultural Affairs Commission convened one hour early at Low Desert Rock Supply on Dillon to see what they could offer in the making of an appropriate "welcome to DHS" sign.
Low Desert Rock Supply (0023)
This rock was considered to be just the thing for a welcome sign

Low Desert Rock Supply (0021)
Looking back toward the city

Low Desert Rock Supply (0019)
The proprietor

More photos.

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April 7, 2015

The Third And Final Installment In This Trilogy

Bliss Dance (7591)
Remember "Bliss Dance" and how it thrilled the world at Burning Man 2010?

Truth Is Beauty (1683)
And how it was outdone by "Truth Is Beauty" in 2013?

Prepare yourself for the final sculpture in the series: "R-Evolution: The Woman Stands" which will be on the playa this year. And open your wallet too, because that's an Indiegogo link where you will find this remarkably unslick, unpretentious video:

Here's a photo of a model of R-Evolution.

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March 28, 2015

Marmol Talk

I went to hear Leo Marmol speak at the art museum on the subject of preservation and its tangled web. The second half of the event had us scurrying over to the Architecture and Design Center - the Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan building at Baristo and Palm Canyon. 98% of the attendees at the lecture drove those three blocks. Less than a handful of us walked.

Teller Window at PS Art Museum A + D Center (3194)

Stairway at PS Art Museum A + D Center (3196)
The stairs and the handrail are original
. The glass wall was added behind the railing because the gaps were wider than current building codes permit.

Twin Hearts at Palm Springs Art Museum (3192)
Meanwhile, back at the art museum

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February 26, 2015

The Beauty Of Los Angeles

A good video of downtown L.A. shot with a drone that shows off a lot of the architectural detail and murals that people either can't see, don't see or take for granted.

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February 20, 2015

Getty Villa

Yesterday, Jeff and I visited the Getty Villa - the one overlooking the Pacific - not the Getty Center, which is the one overlooking the 405 and the rest of Los Angeles. This was the first time at the Villa for both of us.

If you were one of those students who excelled in learning to identify corinthian, ionic and doric columns, then the Getty Villa will be your opportunity to show off that knowledge.

Getty Villa (2843)

Getty Villa (2863)

Getty Villa (2950)
But the fountains in the gardens are still running


Getty Villa (2941)

Getty Villa (2889)

Getty Villa (2938)

Getty Villa (2924)
Handrail on a stairway

Getty Villa (2928)

Getty Villa (2897)

Getty Villa (2883)

Getty Villa (2876)

Getty Villa (2881)

Getty Villa (2930)

The complete set of photos is here.

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January 15, 2015

Biggest Ever Burning Man Art Project

Even the 2014 Man is puny in comparison.

Their website.

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January 12, 2015

Ten Bridges Epic Walk

Yesterday I went on the Ten Bridges Epic walk, which crosses 10 of the bridges over the Los Angeles River. It came to about 14½ miles. Maps:

Ten Bridges Epic map from Google EarthTen Bridges Epic map from Garmin

Broadway Bridge
Broadway Bridge

Old Brick Lined Ditch Remnants (6405A)
This is a detail from the photo above
. These are the most recently unearthed remains of the Zanja Madre which were found in 2014. The brick probably dates from the 1880s, although the ditch itself goes back to the settling of Los Angeles. News story with photos here.

Sixth Street Bridge (6424)
Sixth Street Bridge which will be demolished this year

Ten Bridges Epic (6407A)

Ten Bridges Epic (6411)

Ten Bridges Epic (6433)
We try a shortcut along the river that is probably railroad property
. It turned out to be a dead end and we had to follow our steps back and loop around.

Ten Bridges Epic (6439)

Vernon Chamber of Commerce (6451)
The Vernon Chamber of Commerce
. I expected something a bit nicer.

Dames n Games (6441)

Famous Hockey Burger (6447)
The famous hockey burger
- which sets it apart from those ordinary hockey burgers that you never heard of.

The complete set of photos is here.

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November 25, 2014

New At Cabot's Pueblo

New Tour - New Experience Announcing our new Signature Tour beginning on December 2nd.

You'll experience Cabot's Pueblo Museum in a whole new way! There is so much to learn about the man responsible for the settling of the Coachella Valley. Do you think the Valley would be the same if Cabot hadn't made it his home?

New rooms open to the pubic for viewing!

Many haven't been open in decades. Cabot's Office and Artist sleeping quarters and drawing space are open for viewing. More rooms will be open soon!

Walk around the beautiful grounds.

We've been hard at work creating peaceful paths and gardens throughout the grounds for you to enjoy. Make sure you see the Alter in the Wilderness - Meditation Garden (it's also the perfect place for a wedding or special event!)

Remind yourself why there is No Place Just Like this Place.

Few people have left as indelible a legacy on the Coachella Valley as Cabot Yerxa. When you tour his remarkable hand-built 5,000 sf Pueblo you experience how his life changed the Valley. His stories will inspire you.

Cabot's Pueblo Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Guided tours are offered every half hour.

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The Future Has Arrived

This...THIS is the genuine, real, official poster for the current crew on the International Space Station
. Your jetpack and flying car will be available for pick-up in the first week of December. The crew includes two Americans, three Russians and one from the European Space Agency who is, to be specific, Italian.

Have I mentioned that the ISS will be landing on the Black Rock Desert next August? Oh yeah, you gotta be there.

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November 14, 2014

The Orca Mural

On Two Bunch Palms Trail next door to the middle school, by John Coleman.

Orca Mural Family (2)

Orca Mural Family (2528)

Orca Mural Family (2525)

Orca Mural Family (2523)

More photos here.

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November 4, 2014

Mural In Coachella

KCET has an article and video about a mural in Coachella:

The Shady Lane mural began in 1979 by "Artistas Del Barrio," a group of neighborhood artists who started painting on a visible wall and completed a few feet entering the early 1980s. It never got close to the idealized vision of filling the space with Chicano history. The original set of murals only took up a very small section of the six-foot high wall that runs just over 1,000 feet long. Years later, the wall began to crumble and sections fell to the ground, said Ruben Gonzalez, who with other neighborhood leaders pushed to restore the idea of a long wall with history that showcased local artists. The city agreed to help. "We got people together when the wall was to be taken down." Gonzalez said, and who now coordinates the new version of the same mural project, and takes the lead in looking for funding, securing donations of paint, and plans themes that replace the first set murals that were unsalvageable.

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October 27, 2014

The Orca Mural Thus Far

Photos by John Coleman.

Orca Mural with John Coleman (0465)

Orca mural detail (0475)

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October 21, 2014

Returning To The Big Screen!

The Greatest Science Fiction Film Of All Time: 2001: A Space Odyssey has been digitally remastered and will open November 28 in the UK at a British Film Institute film festival. Go back and watch the original 1977 version (or whatever version of the original you can find) of Star Wars. If you were around in 1977, you will recall that its special effects blew us away. Now they look cheezily obvious. Then go watch 2001 which was made before most of you were born: 1969 1968! It still works. It still takes your breath away when it jumps to Jupiter space. And at the end you still don't know WTF was going on*. That's good cinema!

Appropriately enough, they've brought the trailer up to the standards of 2014:

HAL is still so sorry he couldn't open that podbay door.

*it's just a lengthy attempt to direct blame away from the opposable thumb and put it on some "space aliens."

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High Desert Art Tours

Somebody was recently asking me about this and I don't remember who, so I'm just putting it here. The Highway 62 Open Studio Art Tours will take place October 25-26 (east) and November 1-2 (west). Get your PDF art tour guide right here.

And there's this:

Closing Party at Furstworld

Join us for the Annual Art Tours Closing Party! Held at the crazy world of Bobby Furst’s Sunday Nov. 2nd; 7pm – 11pm

8528 Desert Shadows Rd., Joshua Tree (see Studio #68 on the catalog map)

$10 cover charge (Free to participating artists and accompanying guest)

Pot Luck Dinner – bring a dish to share

No Host Bar

Enjoy live music brought to you by Radio Free Joshua Tree, our local non-profit online radio station

Dance Floor – Get up and shake your booty!

Make it a Masquerade – Dress up and get crazy, funky, wild!

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October 10, 2014

Art At Burning Man

The art at Burning Man is essential and differentiates Burning Man from every other sort of festival that people try to compare it with. Larissa Archer, an art critic, has written this article about art at Burning Man explaining why life in the default world is underwhelming after life on the playa.

In such harsh, isolated conditions, anything you can't experience in the moment is no longer important. Every performance or art installation you witness represents a sublimation of the spoiled body's nagging, an overcoming of the niggling mundanities that usually distract and disperse your attentions. When you stand in front of one of Black Rock City's many art projects (or crawl under it, or sleep inside it, etc.), you feel you've earned your place there, like you're able to take in more of it because there is less of you in the way. The low-pitched drone of everyday concerns—career, relationships, groceries—falls silent.

She also mentions the attempt to see the same art piece at different times of the day in order to appreciate the change of light. That's a true and great thing, but a huge luxury that I can usually enjoy only at each year's temple. There's so much to see, a choice between seeing new stuff or seeing previously seen stuff in a new light means you will miss something that you will never again have the opportunity to see ever. But Ms. Archer is an art critic, so she's got different priorities.

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