June 10, 2016

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Absolutely None Whatsoever - Not (2925)
A sign in the parking lot for visitors to the bridge is excessively modest
. Not only are there four trangender-friendly restrooms, but the parking lot is paved, there's a paved walkway that takes you to the bridge (imagine if they just let visitors clamber over bare rock), and plenty of informative plaques and signs. there is, however, NO DRINKING WATER here. No gift shop either. And certainly no taco trucks.

Parking Area For Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (0860)
The parking lot for bridge visitors
. If you want to use your GPS to find it, the name is "Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge," but I found that as long as you're in the general area, a simple "Tillman" will suffice to find it. "General area" includes at least Las Vegas, where my trip started this day. There are stairs not very visible at the right edge of this photo, so if you can walk stairs, the hike is not so long as if you took the ramp. Hey, I only now noticed the little exposed concrete bench in the curve at the left side of the photo. Yet another amenity!

"Hoover Dam Bypass" may also be a good search term to find it.

Gantt Chart (2841)
Talk about amenities, when did you ever see a Gantt chart rendered in a bronze plaque before?
This is clearly a government project. The bridge must have about a dozen of these concrete forms on which plaques could be mounted. The order must have gone forth to come up with a plaque for every one of them (use up that budget!), so they go into a lot more detail than I've ever seen on plaques.

Welcome To Nevada (2916)
The Nevada end of the bridge

Not So Welcome To Arizona (2901)
The Arizona end of the bridge
. This spot screams out for a brass plaque! No pedestrian access to Arizona. I can see the necessity for this. Unless you've got a nice visitor center with A/C, water and restrooms on the Arizona end, allowing people to simply proceed into the wilderness would, undoubtedly, result in dozens of rescues and the occasional death, as tourists, thinking this is Disneyland, get lost in the rugged terrain. And then there are also the falls to consider. Nope, a relatively cheap concrete wall reduces all those risks substantially. And any young man who thinks he will never die, can easily jump this barrier without having to vandalize any public property.

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (2905)
Looking toward Nevada, you can see the road switchbacking down to the dam itself
. I thought when this bridge opened, all unofficial vehicles were banned from atop the dam, but the road seems to be open. Everyone does go through a fairly quick and cursory vehicle inspection before they can proceed to the bridge and dam. I was directed aside there because they saw the storage box in the back of my truck where I keep emergency supplies, like water, a blanket, etc. The officer (is this Bureau of Reclamation jurisdiction?) simply asked me what it was and I told him what I just told you, and he sent me on my way.

Hoover Dam (0855)

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (2923)
Just exactly who Mike O'Callaghan and Pat Tillman were, is the subject of at least four different sets of signs or plaques

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman (2919)

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (2872)
There were some brass inserts on the walkway on the bridge, too
. Who got the brass plaque contract for this job?

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (2818)
A few photographers were standing alongside me as we all waited for Miss Oblivious to step out of our shot
. Look, she isn't even using the shade to make it easier to her phone's screen. I just took this shot and moved on. I wonder if she would object?

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (0853)
This is the only place you get to see any of the exciting guts of the bridge's construction

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (0852)
On the opposite side of the same walkway

Hoover Dam (2884)

Hoover Dam (2914)

Hoover Dam (0859)

Hoover Dam (2835)

Hoover Dam (2881)

The complete set of photos can be seen here, including photos of every single brass plaque on the bridge!

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May 2, 2016

Apple Campus Update

Another drone video of the construction of the new Apple Campus. This one has a few captions, so we know what we're looking at.

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April 17, 2016

Apple Patents Glass Doors

Actually, they've gotten a design patent on large glass doors without handles for their "Next-Gen" stores. The lack of handles will allow crowds of shoppers to flow more smoothly when a new product is released. [sarcasm]

Apple's large glass doors
Here you see them in use at the new Apple store in the Chestnut Hill mall. Boston readers are invited to go inspect these and report back on their magical properties. They can't just be doors, can they?

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April 12, 2016

Toy District

The Los Angeles Toy District is "bounded by Los Angeles Street on the west, Third and Fifth streets on the north and south and San Pedro Street on the east."

They Do Not Live Up To Their Name (2689)
Nothing especially pink in there

Green Buddha (2683)
Marijuana supplies

Mr Glass Dude (2680)
More marijuana supplies

Los Angeles Alley (2687)

Ring For Elevator (0782)
Where do you stick the firefighter's key?

Hotel Rosslyn (2696)

Hotel Rosslyn (2693)

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February 20, 2016

Great Los Angeles Walk Photos

I winnowed my photos from the Great LA Walk (November 21, 2015) down to the 1,930 best ones that you can see here. Blut I think the easiest way to see them is via this video slideshow which is only a little more than half an hour long, if you watch all of it. Most of the photos are from my GoPro, but I shot some with my pocket camera.

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January 19, 2016

More Los Angeles Photos

Old Cards Decorating In Elevators (0295)
The walls of a couple of elevators in the L.A. Public Library are covered entirely in old cards from card catalogs

Old Cards Decorating In Elevators (0294)
See? Real cards.

The elevator has a glass panel through which you can see they've even mounted old cards in the shaft itself.

Los Angeles Public Library floor (0300)
Some floor tile in the LA Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library (0258)
The rotunda in the LAPL

Card Catalog in Geneology (0306)
A functioning card catalog in the genealogy department

Being Dead They Yet Speak (0265)
"Being dead they yet speak."
Apparently a wave of zombyism wiped out the city fathers in the 1920s.

Audiobooks - Los Angeles Public Library (0299)

Walt Disney Hall (2478)
Disney Hall

Spring Street Arcade (2494)
In the Spring Street Arcade

Peter Shelton's
One of the sculptures on Spring Street next to LAPD headquarters
. These were created by Peter Shelton.

Milner Hotel Stairway (2465)
Old hotel stairway

Los Angeles Union Station (0325)
Union Station - iPhone panorama

Los Angeles Uniion Station (0324A)
Union Station

Los Angeles Street Bridge Public Art (2455)
This is that very noticeable public art on the Los Angeles Street bridge over the 101 downtown
. Here's a news article all about this art. The process to get it done began in 2006. The art supports its own weight (rather than resting on the bridge) through a deep foundation that can't be seen.

Los Angeles Street Bridge Public Art (2449)
Detail of the art on the bridge

The article says the art is on Main Street, but Google backs up my observation that it's on Los Angeles Street.

Metro Rail Figures (2497)
Metro Rail observes its 25th anniversary with this display in Union Station
. For comparison, here are the same numbers from NYC (which did not abandon it's mass transit rail system in the 1950s): 6,384 rail cars, 422 stations, 660.75 miles of rail.

6th & Spring Street (0315)
At 5th and Spring Streets

8th Street Los Angeles (0211)
On 8th Street

Broad Museum (0223)
The Broad Museum

Clifton's Entrance - Old Florist Sign (2460)
This is an easily overlooked detail uncovered in the rehab of Clifton's Cafeteria
. Right between the two entrance doors. There used to be a florist shop there. This sign pre-dates 1931, when Clifton's opened.

Dancing Girls (2464)
"Dancing Girls!"

Filming On Grand Avenue (2489)
On Grand Avenue at about midnight some filming was about to happen
. This guy just stood there surrounded by blue and red fluorescent tubes. There was one camera on a crane and a couple of guys with the camera. Off to the side were another couple of guys keeping an eye on the generator (which was noisier than permitted at Burning Man). There wasn't any filming actually happening. Everybody just seemed to be waiting and collecting their pay.

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January 9, 2016

Check Out These Windows

Here's the latest video-by-drone update on the construction of the Apple 3 campus in Cupertino.

The glass for the windows is to be noted; curved and very big.

At least the top three floors inside the red box are glassed in
. In the photo above, that's only three sheets of glass. Below, it looks like we've got two sections windowed on the exterior.


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December 17, 2015

San Francisco

Some photos from my weekend in San Francisco.

Nourse Theater (0134)
Nourse Theater where the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus performs

Lock Back This Door (2372)
If anyone has insight into what might be the native language of the author who wrote "lock back" rather than "relock" or just "lock," I would appreciate it

Recycle The Fruitcake (2383)
After "Recycle The Fruitcake" the Director had Mr. UPS (who was very popular with the audience) come back with the Trump poster so that the audience could take photos
. While singing, chorus members held up, one by one, photos of "fruitcakes." They were Liberace, Richard Simmons, Pee Wee Herman (each one getting a good laugh), and then Donald Trump to which the audience reacted with a great roar. It was clearly the peak of excitement for the whole concert...in both performances that I attended. The Director said that when they came up with this idea four weeks ago it had seemed a bit iffy, but as the weeks passed the idea became better and better.

Darrell & Ron (0146)
That's Darrell who I met at the Billy gathering at Halloween
. I ran into him at the 440.

Official Hair Styles (2364)
These are "Official" hair cuts
. Anything else is simply unofficial. This is hanging in the barbershop where G. Fry works.

Pink Scooter (0149A)
I don't need to explain this one, do I?

South San Francisco BART (0165)
South San Francisco BART

Civic Center BART (0164)
Civic Center BART with the UN shield front and center

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December 6, 2015

Ghost Roads

An interesting article about unusual diagonals seen in Los Angeles as viewed from above. They seem to be the remains of old rights of way, streets, streetcar tracks.

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November 30, 2015

Los Angeles

The Broad (0074)
The Broad is now open, the tickets are free, and the lines appear to be long

Grand Park (0081)
In Grand Park with the LADWP in the background

Grand Park (0078)
Grand Park

LA City Hall from Disney Hall (0098)

Disney Hall (0085)

Disney Hall (0084)
In Disney Hall

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November 8, 2015

Rockhaven Sanitarium

I went on a tour of Rockhaven Sanitarium for women in Glendale yesterday. It was founded by Agnes Richards, a nurse, in 1923 at a time when there were as many as 20 sanitariums in the area. It was operated by Agnes Richards until 1967, when she turned it over to her granddaughter Patricia Traviss who continued to operate it until 2001, when it was sold to a nursing home chain. Five years later it was closed when it became obvious that meeting ADA standards would be financially impossible. The City of Glendale bought it in 2008. Since then the city has done little with the site, not having the money to renovate it nor the will to just get rid of it.

It was a place for women with mild to moderate "nervous disorders," and featured none of the tortures that one would normally see in an insane asylum of that time. It's two most famous residents were Billie Burke and Gladys Pearl Monroe Baker, the mother of Marilyn Monroe.

The docents told of some spooky happenings at the place. A face seen behind a curtain that was pulled back from a window on the second floor of a building that was empty; small objects (a rosary, a valentine card, for example) simply appearing where it had never been before. The contents of the site were well documented when the city bought it. Even though old photos of the place show a piano, no piano is listed in the city's inventory. One day, when the docents opened the garage where they have stored statuary and other vulnerable items, there was the piano. I could believe the small things were pranks played by one of the docents, but the appearance of the piano is quite a stretch. How many ghosts does it take to move a piano?

An hour long video about Rockhaven.

The Crescenta Valley Water District is putting in a well on the site.

Gladys Pearl Monroe Baker's Escape Window (1784)
The closet window through which Marilyn Monroe's mother escaped using rope made from bed sheets
. She had a much larger window in her room that would have been much easier to go through. The drop from the closet window to the ground below was about 6 feet. IOW, she was a drama queen.

Handwashing (1698)
According to this illustration germs used to be much larger back in the 20th century

Patricia Traviss and Agnes Richards (1884)
Patricia Traviss and Agnes Richards

Rockhaven Sanitarium - Rose House (1493)
The Rose house
existed on the site before Richards created the sanitarium. She had it lifted and turned to face into the inner courtyard of the sanitarium.

Rockhaven Sanitarium - Rose House (1514)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1449)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1476)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1530)
A drinking fountain

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1542)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1584)
The walls are pink

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1572)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1587)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1596)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1630)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1638)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1645)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1658)
A Murphy bed

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1668)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1675)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1701)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1694)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1712)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1721)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1752)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1788)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1827)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1878)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1883)

Rockhaven Sanitarium (1902)

Step 3 Call 911 (1580)

The Lady Of Rockhaven (1897)
"The Lady of Rockhaven"
by Gladding, McBean.

Walk-In Cooler (1854)
The walk-in cooler which could obviously be converted easily into a sauna for small people

More of my photos from Rockhaven Sanitarium are here.

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November 6, 2015

Wexler House For Sale

Asking $1.75 million.
Wexler Entrance (7217)

More photos.

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October 23, 2015

Well, This Explains That

Metro Rail 210 bridge
The extension of the Gold Line along the 210
. I first noticed this bridge sometime last year, I think. I thought it strange that I couldn't recall noticing the distinctive design, nor could I recall a lot of construction in that area. I thought maybe I had just been paying too damn much attention to traffic. But, now I learn that it is a new bridge and it's for the Gold Line extension.

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October 19, 2015

The Gamble House

The Gamble House. "Originally intended as a winter residence for David and Mary Gamble, the three-story Gamble House is commonly described as America's Arts and Crafts masterpiece." (Wikipedia)

Gamble House (2034)

Gamble House (2024)

Gamble House (2016)

Gamble House (2001)

Gamble House (1995)

Gamble House (0046)

More photos

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October 17, 2015

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown L.A. From Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (1446)
As seen from Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

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October 10, 2015

The Burning Of The Temple Of Promise

I used a tripod for this one, so it might be easier to watch. But I tell you tripods and big crowds do not mix. Next year I should probably bring a stepladder and set up way, way back from the crowd. Nothing but the ambient sound in this one, so you can appreciate how the buzz and twitter of the crowd dies down to silence - eventually. If you go to the YouTube page (link above) I've listed a few bookmarks, allowing you to skip ahead to major turning points in the burn.

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September 26, 2015

Interactive High-Res Image Of The Temple Of Promise

Interactive High Res Temple At Sunrise
This is a small sample from the 420-megapixel panorama

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September 25, 2015

The Temple Of Promise

I visited the Temple of Promise only three times during the week: Sunday night when it had almost no memorials in it and was very disappointing; Saturday morning when it was full of memorials it seemed to have been transformed from a structure of just wood, copper and bolts into a real Temple; and then on the night of the Temple burn. Here are pictures from all three visits.

Temple Of Promise (7522)

Temple Of Promise (1297)

Temple Of Promise (1288)

Temple Of Promise (1283)

Temple Of Promise (1281)

Temple Of Promise (1256)
This is the small end of the Temple
. I believe that there are the same number of boards coming to an end here as at the opposite big end.

Temple Of Promise (1249B)

Temple Of Promise (6617)

Temple Of Promise (6613)

Temple Of Promise (6621)

Temple Of Promise (6628)

Burning Of The Temple (7549)

Burning Of The Temple (7553)

Burning Of The Temple (7563)

On The Way To The Temple Burn (7513)

On The Way To The Temple Burn (7515)
On the way to the Temple on the evening of the burn

Temple Of Promise (1204A)

Temple Of Promise (1211)

Temple Of Promise (1213)

Temple Of Promise (1216B)

Temple Of Promise (1216A)

Temple Of Promise (1217)

Temple Of Promise (1222)

Temple Of Promise (1237A)

More of my photos of the Temple of Promise can be seen here.

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September 22, 2015

Three Bay Area Bridges

I did some driving this past weekend.

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August 19, 2015

Hyper Video Survey Of Los Angeles

Some class in video production must have just graduated in L.A. because here's another video survey of Los Angeles, but much faster and flashier.

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