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March 29, 2016

How Many Hands Did They Think This Guy Had?

Math problem: if the man is accused of driving naked, drinking, and masturbating, how many hands does the witness see (allegedly)? The tricky world of press freedom and judicial limits placed on it somewhere in Britain—Thanet, maybe, if that's a place.

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Bequinox 2016 Photos

I've got all my photos from Bequinox edited and uploaded here. Some samples:

Andy (0567)

Apparently I Went To Burning Man (0439)

Bequinox burn (0578)
At the burn on Saturday night

Young (Mad?) Scientist (0510)
I didn't realize how young this guy was until after I took this photo
. He seemed to be stumped when I asked him if I could take his photo. "Whadda ya mean?" he asked.

Brian (0561)

Ed (006)
Ed L.
who will be a Burning Man virgin this year.

George & Tony (012)
George and Tony and their art car

Jim (0552)
. Of course, we're all familiar with the story of how he found this leopard outfit at the Dollar General in Hawthorne, Nevada, where all the finest Burner ladies acquire their wardrobe.

Nacho Daddies camp (001)
This is the view from our vantage point while the Nacho Daddies were in full action
. We spotted a lot of fun stuff.

Nacho Daddies visitors (0497)
For example

Kids and Robot (0453)
The robot was friendly to children and adults

Church Is Finally Over (0532)
"Church Is Finally Over" for these twins

Heimplanet Tent (0472)
I'd seen these Heimplanet tents online
, but this was my first in person. That outer skeletal structure is inflated.

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Public Indecency Charge

Daniel Paulsen
Daniel Paulsen

The original mugshot from the DHS Police (left) was so poor, I thought some Dreamscoping was called for. Definite improvement. Mr. Paulsen is accused of standing out in the middle of the street in broad daylight and masturbating. He gets another 5 minutes of infamy for that.

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San Diego Police Chief Wants To Get Sued

Or, so it would seem. Video from police-worn body cameras is released to the public on an ad hoc basis as determined by the Chief and Mayor in San Diego. In response to a memo from the city attorney stating that the city council could establish a written policy for those releases, Chief Shelly Zimmerman said no thanks, she'll continue to just make it up in her own head as she goes along. Hello lawsuit.

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March 26, 2016

He's Got Maille

Bequinox Maille
Some kind person at Bequinox loaned some maille to this young man
. It felt so good, he wore it all day long.

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March 2016

I just want to emphasize that this is March of 2016, because we've found an actual Sheriff in Missouri who had never heard of using butane to make an extract from marijuana. And they even put it in candy!

He's a Sheriff in LaClede County, right in the heart of southern Missouri.

Here's another video of the sheriff in which he claims highs from marijuana edibles lasts for two to three days! He also considers the presence of Gummi bears and butane in the same vehicle, to be reasonable cause.

The trouble with calling marijuana oil "marijuana honey" is that there is real marijuana honey; i.e. regular ol' bee honey with regular ol' green marijuana bits infused in it.

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It's Come To This Point

Finally, someone has taken what is allegedly ISIS videos and turned them into something funny by liberally mistranslating the dialogue.

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March 25, 2016

More Bequinox Videos

Things seen at Bequinox.

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March 24, 2016

The Bequinox Robot

And I got to find out how iMovie handles video where I go crazy and hold the phone in portrait mode.

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Skyborne Liens

While listening to the March 15 city council meeting I was surprised to learn that Council Member Betts had come to consider me such a worthy expert on financial assurance that he read my opinion that I wrote in 2008 on D.R. Horton's request to replace their bonds with a lien.

It's just too bad that Mr. Betts didn't read the relevant posting from Ron's Log. That would be this one from 2010 which deals with the arrangement that is currently in place. This is the deal with the current owners. The difference between the two offers is that the deal that is in effect requires the developer to get new bonds to get rid of the lien. Otherwise, they can do nothing. No one mentioned a provision like that in the 2008 offer from D.R. Horton.

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