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January 14, 2016

This Is Real, So Godwin's Law May Not Be Invoked

In San Diego County (USA), Cliften Korsch had the usual selection of weapons necessary to protect his home and to fuel whatever his gun fantasy is: "a handgun, shotgun, assault rifle, hunting rifle." Sheriff's deputies arrested him because he allegedly threatened a maintenance worker at his apartment complex with a billy club. As he was being booked he began to speak in his native German. Even though Mr. Korsch is a U.S. veteran, a deputy forced him to watch a YouTube video of speeches by Hitler. "According to the case summary, the deputy told CLERB investigators that because he didn’t understand German, he had no idea what Hitler was saying." For all he knows, Hitler was discussing art, or reminiscing about his mother, or telling the audience where the fire exits, restrooms and childcare could be located there at Nuremberg.

Mr. Korsch filed several complaints against the deputies, but only one was sustained:

Misconduct/Procedure – Deputy 3 played an internet video of "Adolf Hitler" hate speeches.
Recommended Finding: Sustained
Rationale: The complainant stated that Deputy 3 played video and audio of speeches from Adolf Hitler talking about killing Jews, and other non-Germans, while he was being processed for booking. Deputy 3 reported that the complainant was very agitated and yelling loudly in German while at the Patrol Station, so he elected to play a YouTube video of Adolf Hitler speaking to a large crowd. Deputy 3 said he did not understand German, and therefore did not know the content of the speeches. The act, which served no legitimate purpose, was in violation of Sheriff's Policies and Procedures 2.4, Unbecoming Conduct; 2.22, Courtesy; 2.30, Failure to Meet Standards; 2.36, Use of Department Equipment; 2.48, Treatment of Persons in Custody; and 2.53, Discrimination. The act did occur and was not justified.

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