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December 9, 2015

How To Have Fun In Florida

Noe DeJesus, a 33-year old Floridian, knows that to have fun you should drive a Cadillac at 110 MPH while naked with three women (if that suits your taste) and a bottle of Crown Royal in the car. But he did several things to mar the fun. First, he had a 12-pack of Corona on the console between the front seats. Corona. The beer you drink in a Cadillac should have flavor. On top of that he was drunk. And he was driving without a license. You've probably already guessed that the reason we know about all this is because a cop pulled him over. Mr. DeJesus refused to voluntarily go along with a field sobriety test, so to the jail he went. I guess inability to put your pants on is not one of the standard sobriety tests.

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