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November 26, 2015

DHS Mayoral Election Decided By November 3 Ballots

The agenda for the city council meeting on December 1 includes details on how the voting went in each precinct, for each candidate, mail-in or walk-in. The last time I looked at this, I think about two-thirds of the votes in Desert Hot Springs were by mail. 71% of the ballots were cast by mail in this most recent election. One might think, then, that the outcome was pretty much decided before the traditional November 3 ballot. And you would be mostly right. Comparing mail-in totals with ballot totals below, one sees that the November 3 ballot moved Richard Duffle from last place to next to last, and it determined the mayoral outcome. Sanchez had the majority of mail-in ballots, but Matas got enough votes on the 3rd to defeat him.

You will also see that Zavala picked up a somewhat disproportionate number of votes on the 3rd, but they didn't change the ranking of the council candidates. Horton gained the smallest number on November 3 and slipped down to last place.

IOW, the increased campaigning in the last two weeks before November 3 is probably worth it in order to hold on to or grab a victory.

Mayor & Council

November 3, 2015 Election Results

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Oh Yeah, and I forgot; I'm not in Cook County Illinois anymore where almost everyone has a vote, even the dead...
Kids & the dead can't vote here in CA.
Not too bad of a turnout I suppose.

Posted by: Russ A at Nov 28, 2015 1:50:33 PM

No, the number of ballots cast would be somewhere a little higher than the number who voted for mayor: 2,741, assuming some people did not vote for either candidate.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Nov 27, 2015 9:35:51 PM

In the council race, voters got to pick 2 people, making the total vote close to half of that 5,000. final total 2810.

Posted by: greg at Nov 27, 2015 7:51:07 PM

So if my little pea brain is correct looking at these numbers, almost 5000 people cast votes in a City of more than 25,000.
WOW, that almost makes me sad to be an American, almost....
"I LOVE the USA"

Posted by: Russ A at Nov 27, 2015 6:55:01 PM

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