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November 19, 2015

Just Call Him "Marlissa"

Eliberto Cruz Jacobo
Eliberto Cruz Jacobo, who created a fake Facebook account as Marlissa Garcia and used it to try to lure underage Hispanic girls into prostitution in Hemet. "Through this criminal act, Jacobo was able to convince nearly 17 different victims to engage in unlawful sexual acts with him and at least four of these victims were juveniles at the time of the offense."

The juveniles, whose identities will not be released, said they were contacted via Facebook by a female who solicited them with behavior consistent with prostitution. In both instances, the suspect misrepresented himself as an escort named "Marlissa Garcia." Garcia glamorized the escort lifestyle to the victims by sending explicit photographs, photographs of large amounts of cash followed by requests via social media to participate with unlawful acts for money. The students declined Garcia's offer, and reported the incident.

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