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November 23, 2015

City Meeting Courtesies

Here’s the story of a medical marijuana dispensary applicant being rejected in Santa Barbara. The objections from the citizens were the usual baseless, uninformed stuff. But it was rejected for a wacky parking lot solution and inconsistencies in the application. I'm sure it didn't help that the applicant, who was either ignorant of proper decorum or who had gotten so angry he just didn't care, tried to shut up the Planning Commissioner who was explaining why his application would be rejected.

We had a developer come before our Planning Commission and our City Council with an attitude like that, but he wasn't opening a dispensary and he was an experienced real estate developer. I can understand that marijuana dispensary applicants are not usually knowledgable in how city government works, but you would think anyone should understand that being rude to the people who can approve or disapprove your business is not going to work in your favor.

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