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September 29, 2015

Hijinks In The MJ Marketing World

The glorious advantages of acrylic!

You also can't clean them with rubbing alcohol.

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September 28, 2015

Burn Night 2015

From early evening right down to circling the fire at the end.

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September 27, 2015

A Brief Look At The Candidates

The CV Independent asked ten questions of the candidates in Desert Hot Springs:

  • Adam Sanchez who now says we have $1.5 million in "general cash flow" and $1 million for disasters instead of calling it a "reserve." I hadn't heard anyone say that a million had been set aside for disasters. Is he just making stuff up again? He says "We're working on an economic development plan." And even though he says they are just working on it, it's working. As proof he cites the Rio Ranch market (approved while Yvonne Parks was Mayor) and Walmart (which, we all can see, has not invested one dime in DHS during the Sanchez administration). He suggests two changes to help small businesses, small changes that would be easy to implement, but that he has not actually proposed during his administration.
  • Scott Matas - says we have $2.9 million in our cash-flow account, which sounds like a much more accurate statement. Wants to bring back the Economic Development Committee which he says was devastated by Sanchez.
  • Yvonne Parks proposes returning to aggressive economic development, which suggests she considers the current economic development activities of the city to be somewhat lackadaisical.
  • Larry Buchanan suggests a public safety tax of $10 per occupied rental housing unit per month. I imagine the rate of voter registration is lower among renters than among homeowners, which would enhance the chances of approval of such a tax; but some of the landlords would campaign against it.
  • Richard Duffle thinks there is still more fat that can be cut out of the budget.
  • Asia Horton who delicately says the public behavior of our city council has been one of the barriers to economic development. Right on, Asia.
  • Anayeli Zavala - our city has a pretty good tradition of always having someone on the dais with a name that visitors stumble over - recall how many years it took for people to learn how to pronounce a simple name like "Martín Magaña" - Ms Zavala could keep that tradition alive for another four years.
  • Russell Betts who answers the question "Aside from hiring more officers, what can be done to tackle DHS’ crime rate? with "What's critical right now is to hire more police officers." Such a good listener.

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September 26, 2015

Interactive High-Res Image Of The Temple Of Promise

Interactive High Res Temple At Sunrise
This is a small sample from the 420-megapixel panorama

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Burner Buddies Are Solid Green

On the MOOP map, that is. This was especially critical for us, as this was our first year as a theme camp. We have to get good scores on EVERYthing in order to be invited back as a theme camp next year and enjoy the few privileges of that title.

To find our camp on the linked low-res (but large) image, find 4:30 and move out along it to the 4:30 Plaza, which is pretty easy to see. We are three blocks further out than that...or just count two blocks in from the outer end of 4:30.

With the incredible winds we experienced this year, de-MOOPing was quite a challenge. The areas in front of the porta-potties became a mess, and I had to limit myself to picking up MOOP just in our camp as well as upwind and downwind from our camp. If I had tried to pick up every piece of MOOP I saw, I would have done little else but that.

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September 25, 2015

Some Playa Weather

I don't know why anyone would buy a ticket for this. The lenticular cloud was noticed by everyone as it sat in that one spot all day long, despite the wind.

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The Temple Of Promise

I visited the Temple of Promise only three times during the week: Sunday night when it had almost no memorials in it and was very disappointing; Saturday morning when it was full of memorials it seemed to have been transformed from a structure of just wood, copper and bolts into a real Temple; and then on the night of the Temple burn. Here are pictures from all three visits.

Temple Of Promise (7522)

Temple Of Promise (1297)

Temple Of Promise (1288)

Temple Of Promise (1283)

Temple Of Promise (1281)

Temple Of Promise (1256)
This is the small end of the Temple
. I believe that there are the same number of boards coming to an end here as at the opposite big end.

Temple Of Promise (1249B)

Temple Of Promise (6617)

Temple Of Promise (6613)

Temple Of Promise (6621)

Temple Of Promise (6628)

Burning Of The Temple (7549)

Burning Of The Temple (7553)

Burning Of The Temple (7563)

On The Way To The Temple Burn (7513)

On The Way To The Temple Burn (7515)
On the way to the Temple on the evening of the burn

Temple Of Promise (1204A)

Temple Of Promise (1211)

Temple Of Promise (1213)

Temple Of Promise (1216B)

Temple Of Promise (1216A)

Temple Of Promise (1217)

Temple Of Promise (1222)

Temple Of Promise (1237A)

More of my photos of the Temple of Promise can be seen here.

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OMG! Kim Davis Does Have A Gay "Friend"

And his name is Dallas Black. Whether or not he is a friend, depends on your definition of friend. I would classify their relationship as something between "passing acquaintance" and "good acquaintance." He wouldn't go out to lunch with her, but he has her phone number.

Mr. Black says she's changed from the nice lady he used to know:

"I really don’t know who Kim is at the moment. I really want to believe that the kind, sweet person who was there when my mom passed away is still there," he said. "I was friends with Kim in the past, but I don’t know this woman I’ve been seeing."

BTW, Kentucky has no provision for the recall of elected officials. Nor does it allow citizen initiatives, so unless she gets impeached (I assume that is possible), Kim Davis can just sit there and draw her pay until the next election.

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September 24, 2015

Monkey Chant

This year at Burning Man I got to fulfill my desire to participate in a monkey chant. The monkey chant is also known as "Kecak". The monkey chant is taught Monday through Thursday at HeeBee GeeBee Healers and then on Friday they do a big monkey chant in Center Camp. I was unable to make it to the big event on Friday because that's when we host our party at Burner Buddies. The chant requires a lot of physical activity as well as mental alertness as the changes come unpredictably.

Here's a longish video of the monkey chant in Center Camp in 2014. It's not too different from practice chants done earlier in the week. I suppose they expect a lot of newbies to join the chant, so some of what you see is teaching the chant. The action begins to pick up after the 4 minute mark.

Ideally, we would have made it look like something created by Hollywood choreographers, like this scene from The Fall which is possibly the most beautiful movie ever made.

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Wider Than Any L.A. Freeway

Burning Man entrance road
Twelve lanes of traffic going no faster than 10 MPH and people pay $400 each for the privilege of packing onto it with tens of thousands of others and sitting there for hours
. It's worse than the 210 in Pasadena at rush hour. Photo by EspressoBuzz.

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