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September 26, 2015

Burner Buddies Are Solid Green

On the MOOP map, that is. This was especially critical for us, as this was our first year as a theme camp. We have to get good scores on EVERYthing in order to be invited back as a theme camp next year and enjoy the few privileges of that title.

To find our camp on the linked low-res (but large) image, find 4:30 and move out along it to the 4:30 Plaza, which is pretty easy to see. We are three blocks further out than that...or just count two blocks in from the outer end of 4:30.

With the incredible winds we experienced this year, de-MOOPing was quite a challenge. The areas in front of the porta-potties became a mess, and I had to limit myself to picking up MOOP just in our camp as well as upwind and downwind from our camp. If I had tried to pick up every piece of MOOP I saw, I would have done little else but that.

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