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September 27, 2015

A Brief Look At The Candidates

The CV Independent asked ten questions of the candidates in Desert Hot Springs:

  • Adam Sanchez who now says we have $1.5 million in "general cash flow" and $1 million for disasters instead of calling it a "reserve." I hadn't heard anyone say that a million had been set aside for disasters. Is he just making stuff up again? He says "We're working on an economic development plan." And even though he says they are just working on it, it's working. As proof he cites the Rio Ranch market (approved while Yvonne Parks was Mayor) and Walmart (which, we all can see, has not invested one dime in DHS during the Sanchez administration). He suggests two changes to help small businesses, small changes that would be easy to implement, but that he has not actually proposed during his administration.
  • Scott Matas - says we have $2.9 million in our cash-flow account, which sounds like a much more accurate statement. Wants to bring back the Economic Development Committee which he says was devastated by Sanchez.
  • Yvonne Parks proposes returning to aggressive economic development, which suggests she considers the current economic development activities of the city to be somewhat lackadaisical.
  • Larry Buchanan suggests a public safety tax of $10 per occupied rental housing unit per month. I imagine the rate of voter registration is lower among renters than among homeowners, which would enhance the chances of approval of such a tax; but some of the landlords would campaign against it.
  • Richard Duffle thinks there is still more fat that can be cut out of the budget.
  • Asia Horton who delicately says the public behavior of our city council has been one of the barriers to economic development. Right on, Asia.
  • Anayeli Zavala - our city has a pretty good tradition of always having someone on the dais with a name that visitors stumble over - recall how many years it took for people to learn how to pronounce a simple name like "Martín Magaña" - Ms Zavala could keep that tradition alive for another four years.
  • Russell Betts who answers the question "Aside from hiring more officers, what can be done to tackle DHS’ crime rate? with "What's critical right now is to hire more police officers." Such a good listener.

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