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July 21, 2015

San Leandro, Kansas

A few people in San Leandro, California, have already started condemning the erection of the sculpture "Truth Is Beauty" in their fair city.

Truth Is Beauty (1681)

This person, Corey Anderson, started it by calling the sculpture "porn."

This is salacious and indecent at best, and is an insult to every moral person in our town. It draws my mind to places I would rather not go. Should we now put Playboy pictures, or worse, on our office halls and call that “art?” Is this not what some object to as a sexist message, and a 55-foot tall one at that?

Lisa Gaspari-Salmon and Brent Heath like it. Antoinette Troya does not like it and says the city should be ashamed, but she does have one question: "what color lights will be affixed to her nipples?" I suspect Ms. Troya will be out there the first night after the sculpture is dedicated to get an answer.

Gerry Isham doesn't think it's porn, but does think it's tacky. Cathy Costa likes it and applauds the Mayor and Council. Peter Ambrosia thinks it is inappropriate, but suggests pairing it with a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his bodybuilding days.

News story here and here.

The sculpture has not yet been erected in San Leandro, so I hope the good art critics of that city know they still have options. There are lots of Burning Man art pieces sitting around in warehouses that could be substituted for "Truth Is Beauty." Oh yeah, plenty of art. Like this or maybe a larger version of this or, of course, this. Given the choice, I think San Leandrans would beg to have "Truth Is Beauty."

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