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April 25, 2015

What IS Burning Man

Oh, we keep asking that and giving and getting the non-answer, like "It is like trying to describe the experience of listening to music, while watching an experimental film that is about making a film about making a film about making art, while getting your painfully sunburned back rubbed with coconut oil." And all that has to be explained to someone who is blind and deaf.

Devon takes his turn at the answer.

Experiencing a city built on creativity, built on self-expression, built on participation, does something to the participator. It allows a freedom not often nurtured elsewhere in the world. It says yes to how you choose to express, which can create something special within you. When you are not afraid of being judged, when you are not afraid of being seen, when you are not afraid to be who you are, you might discover just that, who you are.
Even if the structure itself was the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen, or you had one of the most beautiful experiences of your life within it, you won’t be able to hold onto the place where it happened, it will be burned. So you will have to look inside yourself for the experience. Not outside.

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