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November 28, 2014

Crown Prince Lookout?

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, I went up to Joshua Tree and did a little hike near Jumbo Rocks. I was trying to find the Crown Prince Lookout that I thought we did not find last April. I might have gotten there - or not. I was in the area that the hiking guides point to, but I didn't find any indication of any sort of human encampment there at all. Last April a few of the guys hiked to the top of those rocks east of where I hiked today, and they did find some 20th century manmade stuff up there. Anyway, there were pictures:

Near Jumbo Rocks (143433)

Crown Prince Lookout (2537)
This might be part of the view from Crown Prince Lookout

Crown Prince Lookout (151128)

Trail From Crown Prince Lookout (2549)

Trail From Crown Prince Lookout (153324)

Near Jumbo Rocks (153844A)

Near Jumbo Rocks (154724)

Jumbo Rocks Campground (155024)
Traipsing through somebody's camp in the Jumbo Rocks campground

Jumbo Rocks Campground (155333)
Park & Climb

The complete set of photos is here. Or this link will get you a slideshow of the complete set.

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