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October 30, 2014

Rabbi Sought

A Craigslist ad seeking a Rabbi for a $60,000/year job in the medical marijuana industry? Someone intending to grow kosher marijuana perhaps? Kosher edibles would be more likely, I suppose. Or maybe they just need a chaplain at their business. I'm curious.

Marijuana chicken soup, anyone??

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October 28, 2014

High Quality Burning Man Video

Professional photographer, professional DJ, so it looks and sounds good. Maybe it's skewed a little in favor of the young and pretty, but if that offends you, just look away. Watch for the Mac Mini!

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October 27, 2014

Bystanders Intervene To Stop Bashing

It's not often...maybe it's more accurate to say never before have we seen a good clear video of an entire gaybashing from beginning to end, but here it is. If you stay to the end of the video it morphs into something else and you get to see a prize winning beard. This is DFW:

You can see that the main reason this is all recorded was that the drunk guy telegraphed his intentions so far in advance that our videographer was able to set up a good shot. Hell, there was enough time to call Hollywood and get them to agree to a deal before he kicked that kick. So all the bystanders had time to think "Do I want to intervene, can I take this guy on?" And the tough ones sort of shuffled to the front and others sort of shuffled away. The genuine, uniformed police seem to have been nearby, but perhaps further away than any of the bystanders. (Do not confuse TSA with real police).

Here is a discussion where the participants become satisfied with the opinion that the bystander in the video who looks a lot like Paul Rudd is not, in fact, Paul Rudd.

UPDATE: The Ruddlike bystander is Ben Kravit.

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The Orca Mural Thus Far

Photos by John Coleman.

Orca Mural with John Coleman (0465)

Orca mural detail (0475)

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Ted Olson Still Aiming High

Ted Olson acknowledges that the point of no return has been passed on the issue of marriage equality. He does not, however, agree with President Obama that this incremental approach is acceptable. There are still 18 states that abridge the rights of their citizens...which, I irrelevantly point out, is more states than were in the Confederacy, but this is fine with Obama.

Olson wants the damn Supremes to take one damn case and make a damn clear decision, damn it. [Note: Olson never said "damn."]

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Just In Time To Make Some Money

A Colorado company has announced a consumer test kit that they say can detect marijuana in food. Here's the website of Personal Analytics, the company that is selling this kit.

There is nothing in either the news article or on the company website to suggest this kit has been tested by any neutral third party. I'd like to see an opinion from a law enforcement agency after they test it.

So if you want to market an untested product like this, you publicize it just a few days before Halloween when there is no time for parents to wait for testing.

With a product like this you want the errors (and there will be errors, no matter how good it is) to tend toward false positives. IOW, a parent would rather err on the side of caution and throw away perfectly clean candy rather than get a false negative and feed some marijuana candy to their kids. The CBS reporter tested for a possible false positive and didn't get one. Who cares?

Parents, when they get to the website for Personal Analytics, will find they have a choice between two kits. One tests for THC, the other for CBD. I haven't found any information on the site to clarify the choice for parents. I can imagine scenes of a mom hovering over her computer having to shout to her kid to ask "Honey, should we be testing your candy for THC or CBD or do I have to buy both of these?" Daughter Suzie calls back from the other room where she has been playing tea party with some friends "Mom, I've told you this before, it's THC."

CBD does not get you high, but if you were a parent wouldn't you be concerned if CBD candy showed up in your kid's treat bag, even if it tested negative for THC?

An alternative to having a law enforcement agency test these kits is for some responsible marijuana ingesting adults to get these kits and test every bit of marijuana edible they come across. If they get a false negative, then the study ends and the kits get thumbs down.

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Drawing The Lines

It's official. Westboro Baptist Church has petitioned the court to allow them to intervene as a defendant in the attempt to preserve marriage inequality in Kansas. I wonder if they would conduct their defense by holding up brightly colored signs with offensive slogans on them. Part of their position is that the Kansas Attorney General cannot use religion in a defense of the state's laws, but the Westboro Baptist Church can and intends to do so. I would certainly welcome such an entertaining effort that would make the differences between the two sides extremely clear.

Meanwhile, over in Washington, the DOJ has added six more states to the list of those where the federal government recognizes same sex marriages: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Yeah, the DOJ runs a week to ten days behind reality, which is not bad for the federal government (outside of NASA and the DOD, where timeliness is more critical).

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October 26, 2014

Fireball GoPro

Fireball GoPro

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October 25, 2014

Landmark Home Prices Up?

John Lautner's Silvertop in L.A. was on sale with an asking price of $7.5 million and went into escrow at $8.55 million in only 20 days. Does this mark the end of discount-pricing on landmark homes?

2138 Micheltorena St, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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European Space Agency

The publicity directors at ESA are given greater freedom to run with their imaginations than those directors at NASA (and when you see the credits at the end, you may understand why NASA is a bit more conservative - did all of those people get paid?!):

Comet 67P on 18 October - (D)
A close up of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
shot from a point 9.8 km from the center of the comet.

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