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May 29, 2014

Up In San Jose

Desert Hot Springs' big sister city San Jose is about six months ahead of DHS in developing medical marijuana regulations. Like DHS, San Jose banned dispensaries. In December 2013 the City Council directed staff to begin to put together a plan to permit them. Here's a staff memo that summarizes the history and the issues.

Although there are some differences between San Jose and Desert Hot Springs (we don't have a single Vietnamese restaurant!), one thing we would now have in common is developing good regulations on marijuana dispensaries in the current legal climate with the experiences of other California cities to refer to. It could be that their much, much larger staff and legal team will have already invented some wheels that we could use here.

And to cap it off, the voters of San Jose will be presented with a parcel tax on the June 3, 2014, ballot. Not that that has any direct bearing on marijuana dispensaries, but is an interesting coincidence.

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