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May 29, 2014

Got A Wind Turbine Fetish?

Or just curious?

EBOLI (SA) Italy - 22 May 2014 . Available today, the app Windfarm Locator offers a global wind farm monitoring platform to iPhone and Android users.

Thanks to an algorithm mining info on the internet one of the biggest wind farm database has been created and made available to the apple and android mobile users (iOS 5.1.1 or later and Android 4.1 or later). More than 12,000 wind farms have been listed up until now! For each wind farm site in the database, atmosphere is hourly modeled at wind turbines hub height and wind farm production esteemed at the specific site based on the wind farm technical specs.

App features include:

  • A detailed global map of installed wind farms
  • Wind farm comprehensive technical informations
  • An estimate of how many MWs each plant supplies to the grid realtime, update hourly.
  • Easy to search any location in the world.

"Since we implemented the first algorithm we have thought about a tool everybody can understand. Yes, we maintained a technical description but we converted all the data also in a more readable form such as how many homes each wind farm feeds each year in the specific country the farm is installed," said Francesco Paraggio, core developer of the app.

Further, everybody using the app can contribute improve the database by taking a photo of a wind farm. Each month one of the contributors will be rewarded with a fantastic handheld anemometer.

Wind farm locator
"Hey Ma, this app says we're standing right under a wind turbine!"

The Android app is $3.66.

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