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March 30, 2014


Something to do with Italy, but the important thing he's got a GoPro on his chest.

A YouTube commenter suggested this for a translation:

New, incredible experiment with Coke and Mentos! But we're gonna try something new today: the energy and vitality of Nutella! And as always, we're gonna use a condom, but this time it's gonna be mango-flavored. Let's start. First thing: let's take some Nutella and put it on the top of the bottle, creating some kind of Nutella cap that will be fundamental for the Nutella-Coke-Mentos reaction. Good, now we open our condom and we put Mentos in it. Not just one, two or three, but five Mentos, since we found out during previous experiments that 5 is the best quantity of Mentos in terms of maximum reaction. Now we're going to seal everything with some tape. Perfect: Nutella, Mentos… now we're gonna let the Mentos drop on top of the Nutella, and that's enough for… and here's the reaction! Incredible, guys! Coke and Mentos are reacting… it's a world record! Look at it! It's a world record! Look at it! IT'S A MIRACLE!!! WOOOOORLD REEEECOOOOOORD!!! COKE, MENTOS AND NUTELLA WORLD RECOOOORD!!! GOOOOO ITALYYYYYY!!!!!! NUTELLA, GUYS, IT'S THE PERFECT INGREDIENT!! YEEEEEESSSS!!!!

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A Distraction

I just found out about an entertaining little controversy that can momentarily distract you from stories about Crimea, Afghanistan or the Affordable Health Care Act.

First, there's this ad for the electric Cadillac (which is basically a Chevy wearing Cadillac duds) that seems to be targeted to the Dodge Ram truck consumer:

Then there's this Ford ad for its electric model:

BTW, French snails produce an excellent manure.

Maybe we can blame Kia for starting this.

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March 29, 2014

Layer After Layer Of Stupid - Kind Of Like An Onion

Edward Farrell is the Vice Mayor of Maricopa, Arizona. His little bio there indicates he moves among civic leaders, so I suspect he reads a newspaper once in awhile and can turn on a TV, even if it's only to find Fox News. Nevertheless, he's got some apologizing and backpedaling to do. He says he did not know that The Onion is a satirical website. (If all of my readers would take a few minutes to email every one of their electeds with just a short message telling them that they should believe nothing they read on The Onion a lot of potential embarrassment could be avoided.) Also, he never heard of Fred Phelps until he died. (That one is pretty much beyond belief.)

Which is how he happened to write on his Facebook with a link to The Onion "We need more Fred Phelps in this world. May you rest in peace sir."

He went on to say "I am just having a hard time with all of this gay and lesbian rights thing. It has never been an issue until these kind of people made it an issue."

Yeah, and we could've avoided the Civil War if those negroes hadn't been such whiners.

Mr. Farrell assures us he has "many, many gay and lesbian friends." Usually the defense is more like "some of my best friends are gay/Jewish/black/Muslim/Communist spies" or whatever. I think it becomes double-double homophobia when you insist you have "many, many."

Here are his many, many Facebook friends. If somebody else wants to go through those and out a few of them, I won't stop you. (Hmm?)

This just in: The Pinal County English Majors & Fascists Alliance is considering charging him with run-on-sentence-ism: "What just irritates me the most is when these 10% want to change the law through the constitution that our founding fathers made before us with the fear of God in all of their hearts, souls, and minds while making these laws….if I have offended anyone, please accept my apologies, that was not my intent at all." I believe the complete quote ended with either "Amen" or "Play ball!"

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Yesterday's 5.1

La Habra California 5.1 Quake March 28 2014
The 5.1 and its aftershocks until about 5 AM today - click for larger
or go here to get an updated USGS map. Disneyland is about 10 miles north south of this area. On-scene reporting from our live investigator tells us that last night's fireworks were cancelled and all the rides were shut down for inspection except, of course, for "It's A Small World" which cannot be shut down...ever.

UPDATE: I have noticed that some of the more shrill news sources are reporting "more than a hundred aftershocks." Why does my map show only a pitiful 11 aftershocks? It's because I selected the 2.5 magnitude filter for my map. If you want to go all the way down to 1.0 you get hundreds of aftershocks. See my revised map below, which also correctly locates the happiest place on earth. Isn't that a slogan for Disneyland? Or is it Chuck E. Cheese? Ah well, Google tells me it's Disney World, which is somewhere else.

A 1.0 quake is like somebody closing a car door a block away. A heavily loaded truck jamming on his brakes to avoid an accident might be a 1.5. Things that small are only important to the scientists. They will not cause you to spill a drink.
Revised La Habra Quake Map

And now I know that rolling feeling you get when you are on the Palm Drive bridge over I-10 on a windy day and stop for a red light is about a 5.-something.

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March 28, 2014


How have we gotten along these many years without this?

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Iowa Hydrant

Iowa fire hydrant in Cathedral City (2136)
A fire hydrant in Cathedral City manufactured by Iowa Valve Company of Oskaloosa - where Radar O'Reilly was from.

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Marriage Comes To England And Wales

Equal rights for gay couples came to England and Wales about 2½ hours ago as I write this. If this BBC article is fair and representative then we can say that Brits get a lot more dressed up for their marriages than Americans do. A BBC survey shows that 20% of Britons would turn down an invitation to a gay wedding. Useless information until we get more data (or an odds maker) to tell us what are the realistic chances any of those 20% would ever be invited to a gay wedding.

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No, no, this is after security was tightened

The two well known recent security failures at the new World Trade Center building (the base jumpers and the skinny teenager who just went through a break in the fence and went right to the top of the tower - where are his photos by the way?) did require a bit more effort than the security breach at Shanghai Tower (where the kids just went over a wall). Low-level heads rolled at the WTC, we were assured. They even arrested those two fools from CNN who tried to break down a security gate in the daytime. But time passes and we forget. Which may be why last Saturday the WTC security guard who is blind in one eye and has poor vision in the other was found sleeping on the job. He was employed by The Durst Organization, a real estate company.

In 2010 The Durst Organization invested $100 million in the WTC, becoming co-developer with the Port Authority.

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This is not what you think it is

It's an empty WikiPearl which was a blob of water held together by a membrane made from brown algae and calcium chloride. It works like an egg yolk - if you carry whole egg yolks around with you and slip one out of your bag whenever you'd like a snack. Here's a video that's supposed to illustrate its use:

Far be it from me to be picky, but if you're trying to illustrate the use of a clear blob of water, doing so on a white table set against a white backdrop with two people wearing nothing but white in a studio setting evenly lighted from multiple sources so there are no shadows is not the most effective way, especially when the critical element (that is, how to drink from it) is mostly hidden behind the hands of the drinker. She doesn't pop the whole thing in her mouth, as I had expected, even though it looks a bit too large for that. She bites the membrane, or sucks water through the permeable (?) membrane, or she licks it to dissolve a bit of the membrane. The article says the membrane is edible, but they don't ever show anyone eating one.

They say they say its created "using 'spherification,' the technique of shaping liquids into spheres first pioneered in labs in 1946." But in the how-it's-made video on the same page they show that they just pour water into spherical molds. Then "the water is frozen as ice." I think ice is definitely the best thing to freeze water as. Freezing it as stainless steel, for example, or banana puree would contradict the physics of our universe. Maybe no one thought of making a sphere to hold liquids for freezing until 1946. Maybe. But I bet somebody thought of it before then.

After freezing, the balls of ice are dunked in a broth that must contain the brown algae and calcium chloride. Then, I guess (they don't say), they are left to set up as WikiPearls.

I'm curious why they don't make it a little smaller so that the consumer could pop a whole one in his mouth, chew and swallow. That would solve the problem of water spilling all over the place when you try to drink from it.

We know somebody likes the design, because it won a Lexus Design Award and will be shown during Milan Design Week.

Much more exciting is that the article says WikiPearl will be sold at "selected Whole Foods" stores "this month." I'm not really sure that the water blob will be what's on sale, though, because when you go look at WikiPearl's website you'll see that they are offering an array of spherical foods that appear to be wrapped in this same membrane of brown algae and calcium chloride, but they don't even mention the water blob. One of those products is WikiPearl ice cream. They avoid the obvious question of how WikiPearl ice cream is superior in any way to traditional Mochi ice cream.

But let's just head on over to one of these select Whole Foods stores and give it a hands on test ourselves. Here are the locations which are convenient to all:

  • First, there's the store in Charles River Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts. Ken, it's your job to check this one out.
  • If you live further west, you'll want to go to the store on River Street in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. That's David's task.
  • But of course, some people live farther west than that. For them there is the store on Alewife at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Massachusetts. That one is Brian's.
  • Those who live far, far from Boston will find their WikiPearls at the store on Market Street in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. That one is for Tim & George.

There ya go! Everybody in the United States who is anywhere in that great 10-mile swath from downtown Boston to the north shore can enjoy the wonders of WikiPearl! I expect you'll be seeing a lot of these on the Red Line. If they're cheap enough I imagine the students of Harvard and MIT will find a way to use them as little pre-made water balloons. Or they could be re-frozen and used as ice balls during a dry winter.

I think the WikiPearl is a great product for space travel. They should be marketing it in Florida, Texas and Kazakhstan.

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"Thanks for demonstrating your ability to read every word out of the powerpoint slides."

It sounds like Karl Baker was in the crowd when a "high-level team from Malaysia" briefed relatives of passengers on flight 370 in Beijing. The briefing appeared to confirm that Malaysian officials are still relying on public relations guidelines from about 50 years in the past.

"Faced with the barrage of questions from the angry relatives, the MAS team replied: 'We can answer but we might not be correct as we're not the investigators.'"

When (if) this matter ever reaches a point that most people acknowledge as "settled" or "closed," it will be interesting to see what the political repercussions will be in Malaysia as their government's incompetency has been so clearly displayed for the entire world to see.

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