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December 31, 2013

The Man Burns In 242 Days

And the construction of some art projects is underway. A group calling itself "The Pier Group," because they are the ones who built the Pier in 2011 (neat how that works), is building a wooden structure called "Embrace" that will be "two 70-foot androgynous tree people who are wrapped in a moment of close connectedness." They will be submitting the design for consideration as the temple. It doesn't sound like any temple we've had at Burning Man before, but that doesn't mean it can't be. I think if you are picked to be the people to design and build the temple, you get access to a lot bigger subsidy from the Burning Man organization.

The construction of "Embrace" is happening at "The Generator," a 35,000 square foot community art warehouse in Sparks, Nevada. The Executive Director of The Generator is Matt Schulz who is also the lead artist in The Pier Group. More than 27 large art projects were built at The Generator last summer. He sees The Generator as a way to make Reno a better place and to create jobs.

"We want to ensure that by the end of 2014 the Generator is a source for inspiration for everyone in this community and that we have sparked a really incredible creative renaissance across the entire board where everyone across the nation can look at Reno and say, 'This is an amazing city.'"

The Reno Gazette Journal has this video of Mr. Schultz at The Generator.

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