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June 19, 2013

LAUSD: An iPad For Every Student

That about sums it up. The Los Angeles Unified School District voted 6-0 to approve the purchase of an iPad for every student, with an initial purchase of $30 million. The tablets will be pre-loaded with education software and cost $678 each. So that's 44,247 iPads, give or take. In this initial purchase, iPads will go only to students at 47 campuses.

"Board member Richard Vladovic said ... he'd dropped and broken two iPads — and students could do the same." Board member Vladovic may have a physical challenge that the Times article does not mention. Or maybe he practices Parkour while carrying his iPad. Who knows.

A Microsoft rep showed up and urged the board to "try more than one product," like their overpriced boat anchors, I suppose. "But district staff countered that Apple offered the superior product. They also said that students and teachers often change schools and should not have to learn a different platform." That second sentence translates as "Who the hell uses a Windows tablet?"

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