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December 3, 2012

Medical Marijuana Vending

The Medbox MDS

Used in Hospitals, Pharmacies, Urgent Care Centers, and Doctor's Offices to maintain inventory control and accountability for employees dispensing medicine to consumers.

System uses pre-registered biometric scan to identify authorized users. The system can track and restrict usage as well deliver unalterable reports that can monitor activity.

This system is also used by Alternative Medicine Clinics to demonstrate strict compliance to local and state laws.

This is the medical marijuana vending machine that one doctor is prepared to set up in Natick, Massachusetts. The machine is available for demos in Natick right now, for anyone who is thinking of trying to open a dispensary in Massachusetts.

There's a video here that shows the computer interface that the owner uses to set up accounts. A detail in that video that they do not highlight is that the customer/patient's account balance is stored on the ID card they give him. Some credit card companies won't do business with the marijuana industry, so customer/patients are having to use cash. Lots of it. The fact that the card carries the cash balance means that you could set up a nice secure office in one place where the customer/patient gets all certified and loads up his cash balance on the card. The actual dispensing of marijuana could be somewhere else entirely, and when the customer/patient goes there he doesn't need to bring cash or credit cards. Keeping the dispensing location totally cash free could improve safety and security.

For identification at the transaction point the system seems to use only the card and a fingerprint. No face recognition, no retina scan, not even a PIN. I suppose the presence of the staff person would discourage people from using a stolen Medbox ID card with an amputated finger tip.

Vicente Sederberg, LLC, claims to be the "only national medical marijuana law firm dedicated to offering legal solutions for the medical marijuana community" and is offering seminars on the legal aspects of running a dispensary in Cambridge this month. They've set up a website just for Massachusetts. The list of the firm's attorneys shows four licensed in Colorado and one in Massachusetts - so maybe a bit shy of being "national."

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