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December 22, 2010

More DHS Road Closure Information

Commander Dan Bressler reports that La Mesa between Hacienda and Ironwood is closed "due to road failure!" Okay, the silver lining to this cloud is the good possibility of federal emergency funds to repair flood damage.

The word from Judy Price (so you know this is serious) is that Two Bunch Palms is closed between Cholla and Little Morongo. I guess they re-opened it before that great deluge came, and now it's underwater again.

The Desert Sun map of road closures (which now takes three pages) has picked up a lot more color in the last few hours. Varner Road between Mountain View and Date Palm is open again. That info may be out of date. Varner is closed between Date Palm and Ramon. Thousand Palms Canyon Road is, of course, flooding, but not closed. Ramon and Date Palm (Cathedral City) as well as Palm Drive and Two Bunch Palms have acquired warning triangles due to high water. The veterinary hospital at Animal Samaritans is closed until Monday due to flooding on Rio Del Sol [now called simply Rio Del Rio]. Southbound Date Palm is closed between Tachevah and Baristo. If you need to get from DHS to Palm Springs the route would be Palm Drive to I-10 to Date Palm to Vista Chino to Landau to Ramon and thence west. Apparently no one is reporting on conditions along Dillon Road between DHS and Coachella. Those with masculinity issues are encouraged to head out there and then call authorities or the Desert Sun with a report.

OTOH, there's a patch of blue sky to the south. The first I've seen in days.

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