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March 29, 2010

Stalingrad From The Losing Point Of View

This version of Stalingrad was made by Germans and is told from the point of view German soldiers, but it is far from pro-German. Rather, in an almost Band Of Brothers style, it follows your average non-Nazi Fritzes as they go from relaxing in sunny Italy to their ultimate fate at Stalingrad. The film is relentless as it follows the dwindling number of men as they try to survive the triple forces of Russians, the winter and their own fellow Germans who thought nothing of killing other Germans in an attempt to maintain discipline and morale. It hardly spoils the film to tell you that none survive.

I was surprised after watching this to see that it was made in either 1989 (IMDB) or 1993 (Netflix) or 1992 (in the film credits). It looks like a post-2000 film.

Check it out - Russia's first 3D film, coming in 2012, will be Stalingrad!

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