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November 19, 2009

Ron's Log ain't got no "B"

It's been a while since I last searched for sites named "Ron's Blog" (the one you are reading now is "Ron's Log"), and they have mushroomed. Here is a guide to sites that are not Ron's Log, but "Ron's Blog," in no particular order, but numbered for reference purposes:

  1. Suggests it may have something to do with prophecy, but the subjects so far are: 2012, political correctness, Fort Hood killings, UFOs may be the work of the Antichrist who, when good Christians disappear in the Rapture, will work to convince the rest of us that they really just got swooped up in flying saucers.
  2. This seems to be the former blog of #1 above. He's a pastor in Alto Loma. May be about prophecy, but the subjects on the front page are that White House criticism of Fox somehow crosses the first amendment, Obama's Nobel peace prize, hate crimes, Islam's expected Messiah may be the Antichrist, why hasn't Jesus come, and worries about Muslims praying on Capitol Hill (are there any guidelines in the New Testament about how to critique other people's prayers?).
  3. A Utahan, possibly a Mormon, with lots of Twittering.
  4. He's pissed off by stupid people. Not updated since September.
  5. Malaysian 16-year old overwhelmed with Christianity and autostarting music.
  6. Ph. D. zoologist, writes well, good photos, possibly atheist. (Hey, I'm just skimming these quickly).
  7. Blogging from Glasgow.
  8. Real estate in the Kentucky Lake Area. Not updated since April.
  9. Audio recording. Not updated since August.
  10. Pastor Ron's Blog. He writes only one entry a month and he started in September 2009.
  11. Deceased radio personality. Last entry March 2008.
  12. A photographer who stopped posting in February 2008.
  13. Ron Muschette has five entries from January to May and doesn't say much. Oh, he's a radio personality in Jamaica.
  14. A blog on the "ethos Chicago" site. Two entries about Nehemiah; one in September, one in October. There's still time for one more in November.
  15. Ron Luce (any relation to Walter Luce?) dispenses parenting information in a variety of fonts.
  16. Ron Norman, nature photographer.
  17. Aircraft builder.
  18. Might be a geek, but hard to say. One post in 2009, one in 2007, one in 2006. Maybe he was dating somebody in 2008.
  19. Two entries (12/2008 & 1/2009) on a site for small business.
  20. Ron Morris on "The American Entrepreneur."
  21. Another Pastor Ron, this one in Ocala, Florida. He's had 14,599 visitors since March 11, 2008, with NO ENTRIES at all! That's efficiency.
  22. Men and 4WD vehicles with big tires in muddy places.
  23. Father Ron's Blog. An Episcopalian in Pleasanton, California. I skimmed his whole front page and he condemns no one at all! Probably one of those good Christians.
  24. Ron Storer, wedding photographer. Includes some great non-wedding photos.
  25. Something web-geeky.
  26. Not a blog. One undated entry on why he blogs.
  27. Ron Boulanger; business planning.
  28. Bird lover. Includes this entry about how wind turbines make bat lungs explode.
  29. Another Pastor Ron. His entries are blended in with entries from other pastors.
  30. Ron Brown, home loan specialist.
  31. Pastor Ron again! This time at the West Point Baptist Church in Chicago.
  32. Some connection to community TV in Santa Cruz, California. They don't have that great video at the city council meeting, though.
  33. A veritable Christian frenzy, with Bible quotes, links to religious sites, and Glenn Beck.
  34. Geeky stuff. Last entry March 2006.
  35. Real estate in Redding, California.
  36. Football, as in soccer.
  37. A Dish TV dealer.
  38. Homebuyer coach. Not to be confused with a Coachbuyer home.
  39. City issues in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
  40. Sedona, Arizona.
  41. I don't know where he works, but his performance review requires him to blog frequently!
  42. Education and web stuff.

I think that's enough for now.

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I did a search for "too much time on hands" and your log came up.

Posted by: Tick Toc Toe at Nov 20, 2009 6:44:07 AM

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