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August 9, 2006

Dore Alley Photos

I've completed editing and uploading all my photos from this year's Dore Alley (Up Your Alley) festival. You'll find 340 photos there if you're one of my Flickr "Friends." Non-friends will find fewer. I say more about how to become a "Friend" in my Flickr profile.

Dore Alley Dog (4143)Dore Alley (4115A)Dore Alley (3335)Dore Alley (3445)Dore Alley (20074)Dore Alley (3440)

You can find more photos from other Flickr-ites in this Dore Alley group. You'll probably see more photos there if you join the group. And this link will get you all of the public photos on Flickr that are tagged as "dore alley." You may also want to view this set of photos by Savila who doesn't feel constrained by Flickr requirements to keep frontal nudity private.

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