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October 6, 2005

Men! Italians! Rugby! Firemen! Nude!

I've been contacted by the photographer Lee Andrew to tell you about his 2006 calendar: Angeli del Rugby. He tells me that the calendar features photographs he took of the Italian National Rugby team which is made up of firemen! The mind boggles! And just so you don't think this was an unfortunate translation error, Mr. Andrew is a native of Mississippi and grew up in the U.S., so his English is as good as yours.

But before I put this before you I insisted that Mr. Andrew should show me the goods, and he was kind enough to send me the following sampling of images from the calendar. Hoo boy! Only $29.99.

Angeli del Rugby CalendarioRugby 1Alex, Italian Military Fireman 2
Italian Fireman RugbyAngeli del Rugby Calendario 2Rugby 20

If you go here, you can download a 2½ minute (16.8 Mb) video that purports to be about the making of the calendar, but it's just some video shots of the rugby team, on the field, in the locker room, clowning around, etc.

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Posted by: gayfutbolistas at Dec 8, 2005 2:46:31 AM

This is TOO MUCH . . . I just got my blood pressure down to 120/80 !

Posted by: ROJ at Oct 10, 2005 6:16:16 PM

Thanks for including us in your mentions. The video is actual footage from some of the photo sessions... The photo of the guy above with the hairy chest is the last part of the video where he is nude on the weigth bench! Thanks again for including us in your web blog. Warmest regards from beautiful Roma, Italia. -LeeAndrew GIABENELLI

Posted by: LeeAndrew at Oct 7, 2005 3:09:30 AM

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