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December 31, 2004

Looking Down On DHS

Little San Bernardinos & Desert Hot Springs Aerial View
A photo I shot about a year ago, when I was less intimately familiar wtih the way Desert Hot Springs nestles up against the Little San Bernardinos

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When William Gibson Speaks...

...we listen: Buy a T-reamer! Penetrate holes.

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A Dozen Of San Francisco

Hormel Room Asian Museum, San Francisco Transamerica From Coit Tower San Francisco View
Fog Coming Golden Gate Bridge View from Twin Peaks Sutro Tower
View of Golden Gate Golden Gate Bridge Twin Peaks Twin Peaks & Sutro Tower

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I Was Just Wondering...

And I mean that literally. I'm looking for an answer that I'm sure some reader can point to.

We got these traditional world powers that seem to be one-upping each on aid donations for tsunami victims. I'm not complaining, 'kay?

And here we got people all abuzz, chattering away about it.

And I want to know if somebody can point me to something saying how much Saudi Arabia is contributing...or maybe the total for all the Moslem nations that weren't directly hit by the tsunami.

But then (I pause to think) does maybe the Koran have stronger guidelines about being modest about your charitable giving, so maybe they don't publicize those numbers. A conundrum.

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Three Marriott Marquis

Marriott Marquis Lamp Marriott Marquis Lamp Marriott Marquis Lamp

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Depth Of DHS Toughness

The Desert Sun did an article about Paul Krassner when he got nominated for a Grammy, but the article was so dull I didn't link to it. But now, here comes the L.A. Times with a really well-written article about him. An "anti-war patriot," he calls himself.

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Five Skull Rocks

Skull Rock Skull Rock Skull Rock Skull Rock Skull Rock

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Six In A Place

Disney Hall Disney Hall Alfred E. Mann  L.A. Philharmonic Center
Disney Hall Disney Hall Overhang Disney Hall

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Three On A Theme

CSUSB Safe Sex CSUSB Safe Sex CSUSB Safe Sex

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Six Variations (Venice Beach)

Venice Beach Pizza Joint Venice Beach Pizza Joint Venice Beach Pizza Joint
Venice Beach Pizza Joint Venice Beach Pizza Joint Venice Beach Pizza Joint

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Kodachrome II

After digging a little deeper into the Cushman photo archives I discovered that he supposedly didn't start shooting with Kodachrome until 1939, which is a relief to me. All the photos I looked at in 1938 had a greenish cast, which certainly wasn't consistent with Kodachrome...even old Kodachrome. I've gone through all his 1939 photos and I didn't find a roll that seemed to be Kodachrome. But in February 1940 we find this photo in Tucson which certainly looks like Kodachrome. So I'm saying that roll #2-40 is his first use of Kodachrome, and if I'm wrong I look forward to being pointed to the right spot. I'm disappointed that Indiana University didn't seem to feel the need to point to his first Kodachrome.

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Microsolutions is selling the Lockbox, which is a USB hard drive with biometric (i.e., fingerprint) security. Prices are very reasonable: $199 for 80 Gb, $249 for 120 Gb, and $269 for 200 Gb.

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Desert Tours

It wasn't long ago that I linked to an earlier Desert Sun article about Jeep tours in the desert around the Coachella Valley, but in this article they highlight a new company, Elite Land Tours that uses H2 Hummers. I'm sure that will appeal to some people, but a lot of those jeep roads out there are exactly that: JEEP roads, and a Hummer will be too big to get through or over or under. Nonetheless, I'm sure a lot of the more routine dirt roads are quite accessible.

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More Toughness in DHS

Read what happens when some punk kid tries to rob the 7-Eleven store across the street from the police station, and just around the corner from me:

the video surveillance tape of the robbery released by the police department Thursday shows the clerk reaching over the counter and grabbing the barrel of the weapon.

As he and the juvenile struggle over the gun, a second employee runs up behind the teen and appears to put him in a sort of choke hold.

The struggle for the gun continues for some time until the clerk wrests the rifle from the teen's hand and then -- holding it by the barrel -- proceeds to beat him with it, even coming out from behind the counter to do so.

The impact eventually broke the rifle in half, said Frank Durazo, civilian investigator for the department.

See? Crime is NOT a problem in Desert Hot Springs.

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Four Variations

Doorhandle of a Plymouth Cambridge Doorhandle of a Plymouth Cambridge Doorhandle of a Plymouth Cambridge Doorhandle of a Plymouth Cambridge

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December 30, 2004


Charles Weever Cushman shot photos on unfading Kodachrome from 1938 until 1969. He then donated his collection of 14,500 slides to Indiana University who makes them available on the web.
Cushman kodachrome
Click the image
to go see the full sized version of this photo from September 1938, which they describe as "A-9= Golden Gate Bridge- Marin End." It does look like the Marin view of the Golden Gate bridge...but I'd say our untraveled Hoosier friends have got it flipped left for right, unless the City of San Francisco has moved out of its bay and now faces the Pacific.

Also check out these:
Looking across the Charles River from MIT to Beacon Hill in 1941.

Faneuil Hall, 1941.

The Massachusetts State House, 1941.

Cape Cod sand dunes, 1941.

Provincetown harbor and Pilgrim Monument, 1941.

Branson, Missouri, 1952.

Cathedral on 11th Street in Kansas City, 1953.

Locust Street in Des Moines, looking at the Capitol, 1958.

The University of Iowa, 1958.

Mt. San Gorgonio viewed from what is probably Route 111, 1959.

Mt. San Jacinto, 1959.

Probably the Racquet Club, 1959.

Mt. San Jacinto with snow, 1969.

The Capitol building in Providence, Rhode Island, 1941.

New Municipal Building, Providence, 1941.

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UK Gay Boys

A survey of 500 gay men, aged 13 to 21 in the U.K. has some interesting results. 5% claim that they think about sex once a week or less! 23% say they are "virgins," but the term is undefined. Some guys think you're a virgin until you receive anal sex. 2% of the guys claim they never masturbate. Two-thirds claim they have not yet cheated on a boyfriend.

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Big Doings in Downtown K.C.

When I first got wind of the "Kansas City Live" entertainment district, I thought that maybe K.C. was going to try to turn itself into the Austin of Missouri, as unlikely as that sounds. It's a 7-block urban renewal project that will include "entertainment-related retail." Does that mean movie theaters? Video stores? Ticket outlets?

Anyway, the city has bought up the historic Empire Theater which has been shut since 1985. They're also in the process of buying the old Jones' Store.

Here's an article that clarifies the entertainment district is anchored by a new headquarters office building for H&R Block. Well, I guess that could be considered entertainment-related, since so many famous artists have tax troubles. The President Hotel will get rehabbed and re-opened. There will also be condos and a gourmet supermarket (Whole Foods?). I'm not seeing anything specific on the entertainment component of this district. Do they just mean bars, clubs and restaurants?

Bordering on the area is Bartle Convention Center which is going to be rehabbed (it's practically new!) and enlarged. There will be a new 20,000 seat arena adjacent to the area, but not in it. There is also chatter about building a NEW baseball stadium downtown! I'm sure they have not finished paying for the Royals Stadium east of the city.

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Artie Shaw, 1910-2004

The jazz clarinetist, famous for Begin The Beguine, has died at age 94. It seems he moved in some of the same circles as Howard Hughes, having been married to both Ava Gardner and Lana Turner.

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Here's a very clear animated GIF showing the progress of the tsunami.

Here's a huge satellite photo showing the tsunami washing onto Sri Lanka.

Amazon offers one of the easiest ways of donating to the American Red Cross, if you've already got a credit card set up there.

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