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November 30, 2004

San Francisco

Photos of ages various; film, digital, slides.

We Also Rent
Graffiti in San Francisco.
Asian Art Figure
In the San Francisco Asian Art museum.
Marin Sunset
Sunset in the Marin headlands.
Bay Bridge
San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge
Yet more Bay Bridge.
F Line
The "F" Line in San Francisco, interior shot.
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge - it never stops.
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge again.
North View From Coit Tower
Looking north from Coit Tower.
The San Francisco Cannabis Club.
A small bit of San Francisco graffiti.
Telegraph Hill
Telegraph Hill, which is what you call a wide shot of the Coit Tower.
Leavenworth Street
Leavenworth Street, steeper than Sanchez, for sure.
Reservoir on SF Peninsula
Dusk at that great big ol' reservoir on the SF peninsula, the one astride the San Andreas fault.
San Francisco Apartments
San Francisco apartments.

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Lenin's Baby

I have vague memories of weird stuff like this anti-communist comic. Very timely.

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Coffee For The Troops

Well, is this a very nice thing, or a very odd thing. Send 'em $11.50, using your own home as the shipping address...and then you receive nothing, but the assurance a soldier overseas is made happier. Funny that www.gopcounties.org/coffee forwards to it. Am I paranoid?

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Oh, the thermometer says it's 76° in the backyard. But that's in direct sunshine flat against a wall. It's actually pretty chilly out there, but not nearly so bad as wandering around the night of the full moon in my kilt when it must have been 45° out. I would have been warmer naked, because some kind soul would have taken me in.

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Windmill Panoramas

Some windmills in Coachella Valley, with Desert Hot Springs in the distant background.

Windmills at Altamont.

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Ocotillo and mt san jacinto
An ocotillo in the Mecca hills with Mt. San Jacinto in the background.
This is a few weeks ago, before we got all this snow.

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November 28, 2004

Ken Jennings' Final Show

The final appearance of Ken Jennings on Jeopardy may be coming this Tuesday, the 30th.

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18th Street Bus Stop

18th Street Bus Stop

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November 24, 2004


Here's a photo Evert snapped of me while having breakfast at Sidewinders in DHS when he was visiting.

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November 23, 2004

Going Up

Median Price of a Home in California Increases 21.4 Percent in October, Sales Post 0.5 Percent Increase, C.A.R. Reports

Statewide, the 10 cities and communities with the greatest median home price increases in October 2004 compared with the same period a year ago were: Victorville, 54.6 percent; Redlands, 54.6 percent; Hesperia, 53.3 percent; Barstow, 53.3 percent; West Sacramento, 53.3 percent; Calabasas, 51.7 percent; Adelanto, 51.2 percent; California City, 50 percent; Newport Beach, 48.6 percent; Desert Hot Springs, 47.2 percent.

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Downtown Houston In downtown Houston.Houston Office Building In suburban Houston.New Building In Boston
Manhattan A view south from the Empire State Building. NY Times Building NY Times BuildingNY Times Building Again, but with a different color balance.

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Stirling Engines In Power Generation

An article about plans to develop solar energy using Stirling engines rather than photovoltaics. An area of 10,000 square miles covered with these things could generate all the power the U.S. currently uses. Let's put 'em in Texas.

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Plane Crash

I am mystified why Pres. Bush would make plans to fly outside the U.S. in anything less than an American military craft; i.e. Air Force One.

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Deer/Hunter Season

I guess some deer hunters DO need semi-automatic weapons...to get rid of other hunters!

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Color Laser Documents Are Traceable

And by "traceable" I don't mean that if you tape them to a window, you can trace the pretty pictures with your crayon, but that law enforcement people can tell what machine they were printed on. Here's the story. "[S]everal printer companies quietly encode the serial number and the manufacturing code [using small, scattered yellow dots] of their color laser printers and color copiers on every document those machines produce."

Xerox acknowledges that this is true. It started about 20 years ago out of a fear that color lasers could be used to counterfeit currency.

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One Last (maybe!) Snow Photo

Mt San Jacinto Post Storm
The view from my bedroom window this morning.
The clouds are all cleared and both Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Gorgonio are on full display. Most of the snow has melted from the nearby Little San Bernardinos.

Some meteorologists are predicting an unusually wet, cool winter for us. Now I'm having second thoughts about planting tomatoes for the winter.

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Water Consumption

Naturally, when you move into a new place, one of the things you wait to find out is what your real expense for utilities will be. So far, they've been coming in delightfully low...but the water bill was the big unknown, and was the last to arrive since they bill on a two-month basis. The most recent bill for the previous owner was about $200 (that's water and sewer). Mine arrived yesterday and it was only about $55 for 6 weeks. Very nice.

My meter advanced by "25." There's no indication of what the units are, but I think we can be sure those aren't gallons, nor jeroboam. Cubic yards? Acre-feet? Anyone know?

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November 22, 2004

Tram Snow Photos

Lower Tram Station With Snow
A stitched pano of the lower tram station viewed from slightly above.

Palm Tree In The Snow
A palm tree above the snow line at the lower tram station.
Lower Tram Station In The Snow
The lower tram station viewed from slightly downhill, looking up into Chino Canyon.
Tram Car In The Snow
A tram car arriving in the snow.

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Lloyd Wright

After my recent posting regarding the destruction of a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Michigan I did a search for Wright architecture in Coachella Valley. I have a vague recollection of a news article some time in the last couple of years about a little motel-type place designed by FLW in the Palm Springs area. My memory must be twisted, though, because I can't find anything about it now. But in the search I did come across the Lloyd Wright bell tower, which is near Tahquitz and Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs. Lloyd Wright was Frank's son. Here are photos (of the bell tower, I mean):

Lloyd Wright Bell TowerLloyd Wright Bell TowerLloyd Wright Bell Tower Detail
Lloyd Wright Bell Tower DetailLloyd Wright Bell TowerLloyd Wright Bell Tower

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That Big Cactus

Here are a couple photos of that big cactus that I neglected yesterday:

Cactus BigboyCactus Bigboy Closeup

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