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September 1, 2004

Barhi Dates

I was at Shield's Dates in Indio today where I saw signs announcing they had just got some "barhi" dates in. Never heard of 'em, but willing to try. I didn't see them around anywhere, so I asked. It seems they are kept in back. I was surprised to see what they look like.
Barhi Dates
I did a bit of web research and here's some of what they say:

introduced into California in 1913 from Basra, Iraq; nearly cylindrical, light amber to dark brown when ripe; soft, with thick flesh and rich flavor; of superb quality. For shipment needs refrigeration as soon as picked, then curing and special packing.

The Barhi Date is the sweetest and softest of all dates. Frozen they are like caramel candy.

These dates are large and round. When picked in their yellow state, they are referred to as Khalal; they taste semi-sweet and are as crisp as apples.

I'll give you my own review after a real test.

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We are based in Surat, Gujarat, India
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Posted by: Amin Ghadiya at Jul 14, 2011 11:53:43 PM

WD Young & Sons in the Barstow California area sells Barhi date palm trees.

Posted by: misti at Oct 15, 2008 12:30:44 PM

I'd suggest you contact a date grower who sells barhi dates and ask about buying a tree. In the USA they are all in the Coachella Valley.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Nov 17, 2006 9:49:16 PM

We are looking for the BARHI DATE PALM TREE. Where can we get it?


Posted by: Noushin at Nov 17, 2006 8:18:10 PM

I also tried them for the first time this year and I was amazed! I didn't know there could be such a difference in dates! I am a lover of wine and grapes and know the many types and flavors they possess. Now, when I want to describe the different taste of the barhi date, I refer to the difference between a lucious red grape and a common white (green) grape. The person who introduced me to them was my young cousin, an avid raw organic eater, who also had me try the date with a bit of raw tahini (sesame nut butter)... a new found favorite treat of mine!

Posted by: Sandy at Oct 5, 2006 3:45:13 PM

I would like to know where can I buy a Barhi date palm tree??

Posted by: Francisco Maciel at May 29, 2006 6:27:07 PM

I tried Barhi dates this year for the first time and I'm sold. These are now my favoriate eating dates. They really are similar in taste and consistency to a soft caramel. For a raw foodist like myself, they will save me the soaking step when using them in "cooking." I LOVE THEM!

Posted by: Rowan Carvalho at Dec 4, 2005 3:37:35 PM

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