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December 28, 2003


I want to take an opportunity to mention the local hummingbirds which I think I have neglected. They are common enough here that I no longer jump when my caveman brain tells me that a giant hornet or cigar stub is suddenly hovering 5 inches from my face. The hummingbirds seem to be totally calm, as though I were totally invisible. They look like they are swimming in some transdimensional ether that we can't perceive. IOW, there's this parallel universe, see, and it intersects with our universe in a few small spots, and those spots are the hummingbirds. They live in both universes, which is why we can see them, but they don't seem to be quite here. Like a really big quantum particle. With green feathers.

Best experience was at Home Depot when I spotted a hummingbird making a leisurely inspection of the poinsettias for sale. It was so self-assured that I had plenty of time to take my camera out of my pocket, to extract it from its case, to push the "on" button and then watch the bird zip up to the blue sky like the proverbial UFO. Sorry. Something about photography and timing...magic moment...something.

I see them every day, though, and occcasionally one flies in and inspects me while I am sitting out on my deck-ette, even though no bright red is anywhere to be seen. So, I'll get ya a photo someday.

But this all gives me the opportunity to post this old photo, which is from Vermont.


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