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November 17, 2003

Glenrio, New Mexico

It's just 1:05 PM (Mountain Time) and we entered New Mexico just one mile back. We're at the visitor's center (Tina McCoy, Supervisor) where they have provided FREE internet access on the interstate! We just had to say something nice about that.

Had heavy rain this AM as we left OKC, but it was lovely by the time we entered Texas. The Texas visitor's center is 98 miles from the border (theoretically) in Amarillo. We saw a 3-mile warning sign for it, but we never saw the visitor center. After Amarillo we began to encounter strong winds and the land became even flatter, with bare red soil and small scrubby plants. It looks a lot like Joshua Tree NP.

We stopped in Vega, Texas, for our first Dairy Queen lunch. The service was exemplary, and most of the flies in residence were deceased.

Now we have to hit the road again!

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Yup, using various versions of IE on various PCs with various versions of Windows and various screen settings as I crossed this great land which is not yet a collection of gray, scared subjects of Bush's megalomania I encountered the comment text box running under the grey side bar about half the time. As we motored along admiring great mountains, vast plains, forests of saguaro, and that cute little number who tried to get us to pull over into the New Mexico rest stop, we thought about ways that this site could be revised to possible eliminate the IE glitch, while still providing a satsifactory experience for users of all browsers. Give me a week or two. If you're in a hurry, download Opera, which is small and free.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Nov 20, 2003 8:34:01 AM

"and most of the flies in residence were deceased"

Those that aren't dead are known as the supper special.

BTW, doing comments at work, I can't help but notice the same problem of the comment entry being partially obscured by the gray side bar. Not that I care, I just feel like blowing time during break.

Posted by: Dale at Nov 18, 2003 1:11:11 PM

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